Myrdal – Arise

artists: Various
title: Myrdal – Arise
keywords: alternative, electronic, netlabel, rock, compilation, pop, Torreon
label: Myrdal
reviewer: Mark X

Myrdal’s latest compilation is a sunny chapter that shines a nice light on the music and its musicians that are connected to this Mexican netlabel. It starts like the expected party vibe with a rock track named ‘Ropa mojada’ by MaderaCore. It rocks and the vocals go from wild like a lion with its tail on fire to more Manu Chao style. It sounds. There is some excellent active guitar strumming and the overall feeling will be enough to wake you up for all what is to come.

Along Norway strongly reminds me of the rock band Genesis with most important the influential voice of Phil Collins shining through. The song has a very positive sound to it and delivers what the title suggest. ‘Alive Tonight’ makes you feel alive and almost on top of the world, ready to party or after an intimate sexy time that makes our belly full of butterflies and highness of natural causes.

Trostrigo brings a song named ‘Que se aleje’ and even though my language skills are not skilled enough to know what the song is about, it feels highly personal and a passionate expression. I think its about love and perhaps that its a bit of a struggle, but thats just a guess.

The next song by Beta Lion is ‘Written in sand’ and is in crystal clear english but kind of cryptic lyrics wise.
The song sounds very nice and has a eighties feeling to it with sincere vocals that sounds very pretty and honest.
The band brings a happy version of The Cure with a very memorable chorus.

A very positive tune is brought by ‘Dear Alice’ who brings a happy pop song with solid energy that will probably bring a smile upon the face or at least let your heart shine. A perfect soundtrack for adventures among strangers and perhaps even to impress one night stands.

A pretty piece of dreamy summer rock music can be enjoyed while listening to ‘Lo que hacemos sin mirar’ by       Fármacos. The melody is sunny and the active enough to warm you up even if you have been hiding in the shadows. Great melodic pop that lifts up in a very positive way, No complaints at all!

More comical is the track brought by EI GIL it sounds more lo-fi and folk-ish. It’s as if we stumble on a bunch of jolly street performers with the ability to interact with the random audience to generate a sunny party of fun!

Ocre brings a more electronic shimmer pop to the compilation. It’s the intimate sounding ;Lejos’ which has a refinent synthetic melody and a romantic soothing male voice that whispers perfectly in the music. It’s a track made by a soul ready to be absorbed by a listener.

The song R’ey del kazoo (feat. Andrea Velasco)’ by Red Jesus sounds is a solid form of happiness that features the love for kazoo by evidently featuring the kazoo! It’s advised to bring out your own kazoo and play along for the best results of enjoyment.

Than it’s time for ‘Outdry’ to bring it on! And with bringing it on, you can expect more positive pop rock with warm vocals and a overly happy drummer banging the crashes of the drum kit.

The theme of uplifting and easy going good vibes goes forward with a alternative synth rock track named ‘Free Yourself’ that is the tune with prominently positive female vocals that are powerful enough to be able to hopefully get the message of freedom across for the ones that are about to cut the chains of the opposite of freedom. Moonetz sounds lovely and strong with obviously good intentions for the listener.

More music that has the warmth of a summers day is being provided by White Rainbow. Think about guitars smiling and a devoted drummer to bring the more seasoned deeper voice of the singer in a uptempo tune.

More in the trend of feverish hot is the ‘Joy’ by Brigitte Laverne. It’s a hot song with a dramatic undertone in the content but yet doesn’t really make me feel like crying bucket full of tears. It’s a bit like listening to Ladytron but than with a much more alternative vibe that expresses an emotional piece that is strong and determent. Don’t fuck with ‘Brigitte Laverne in the bad way as she will slice you in multi pieces!

A smooth very retro-ish sounding song by Vestron Vulture (Together (feat. Louvre) dives in the more electro zones. The electric synth melody gives the track a nice warm feeling, making this a track that is nice to cuddle up too under the blankets.

Animic’s Rei Blanc introduces the compilation with a electric swing of a beat, and a very  friendly dreamy music and warm vocal progression. Its the music for spanish nights, herbal drinks and dancing on the roof admiring the sunset.

A relaxed song by OMARSTEREO also joins this collection of Myrdal to bring more easy going sunshine music for feel good laid-back times with a pleasant wobbly base and atmospheric guitar in a bath of depth for nothing but feel goodness.

Orange skin’ by Agatha Thirsty throws in a mesmerizing work of power that basically surfs over the track’s semi raw guitar with a solid smooth voice and a cool deep beat that makes me think of something animalistic and bewitched.

The last track on this compilation is a bonus track named Lento provided by Fármacos which is a nice and friendly way to get use to the fact that the compilation has come to an end. It has this easy going vibe that makes people feel fine without worries. A great ending for a fine compilation for good music, nothing sucked, but hey that won’t stop me from sharing this here as it’s freaking free! Myrdal didn’t lie when they wrote in their provided information that all the artists on this compilation have one thing in common: They’re pretty talented!
Download the compilation over here:

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