Graffiti Mechanism – a

artist: Graffiti Mechanism
title: a
keywords: ambient, drone, experimental, noise, coffee
label: Sirona-records

Blue Mountain Coffee

I know this is not about music; (it will come later) but I simply needed to share this.. It’s crucial information really! I just realized that all the coffee that entered my mouth through my entire life was basically pure shit.

No difference of instant powder coffee shit, espresso shit, and any other form of coffee shit; it’s basically all shit after you have tasted the best freaking coffee that exist on the planet: Blue Mountain!

I swear, I’m not plugging some product over here; it’s really the truth and I feel the need to share it with you as before this afternoon I had not even a clue of its existence.

Someone really nice shared the Blue Mountain coffee experience with me and damn was this person right! It is the wine of coffee! Every sip is like a little revelation. The overwhelming flavor that settles in mouth and nose, the rush and buzz and the lack of bitterness that makes the coffee literally like a amazing wonder tea is truly something you should drink and experience before you die. (Really, no joke!)

It taste so good that you simply don’t want to go back to your commercial coffee bar, your machine at home and definitely avoid all instant coffee packs.
Really you have to try it before your life ends, otherwise it was simply not worth it! You don’t want to miss out!

But unfortunately there is probably a big reason why I never heard of it, or drank it before; It’s very expensive. I mean not just expensive, but it’s very expensive! And next to that It’s also hard to get!

The best chance to get it is probably to be lucky and go to Japan at the right time of the year (as it’s production is limited and available only a few times a year). It isn’t a Japanese coffee but as the Japanese people are smart and have taste; they import most of it (80%?) all directly from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

This fact makes (to me) the Japanese people the smartest humans on earth, as the rest of the world will be left with drinking shit coffee, without even knowing or aware how real coffee tastes. Yeah I know it sucks, right?

Unaware coffee lovers be aware for a real shock and don’t spare a dime to find and get the real authentic fresh Blue Mountain coffee!
I don’t imply to rob a bank but it might be worth it.

Stop drinking shit,
be smart like the Japanese!
Find this stuff! Burn, grain and taste those Blue Mountain beans!
No jokes; It’s simply the freaking best coffee EVER!

Sound wise there was nothing really to report or review with this coffee experience: Just me ranting out of my mind how great it is.. But as this is still a music blog I thought to combine this coffee revelation (and perhaps well kept secret) with a review for a release by coffee lover and underground music maker:

Graffiti Mechanism.

^ Graffiti Mechanism

To make it extra special, it’s his very first release on the Sirona-Records netlabel, and at the same time the actual first ever release on this label. It is amazingly also named after the first letter of the alphabet, so it basically can’t be any better! Best of course enjoyed with a coffee or cheep beer but also without these things the music can be heard. Track 1 has definitely a coffee feeling to it.. In fact it does sound a bit like a extravagant exaggerated italian coffee machine in action. It builds up layers while boiling the water that goes through the coffee beans to create a steamy nifty track that is ready to be put in a small cup for a fine caffeine intake.

Track 2 is the stuff for a bigger cup, perhaps a whole kettle full so you can take it with you to work, walk, or on the sofa at your relaxing times. It is a drone-ambient piece that seems to be coming up and down as if Graffiti Mechanism is playing with the heath. After two minutes the music goes first for a more smoother sound and than upwards to make the glass of the glasses move and vibrate. It suddenly feels to me more as the sound of the night with a breathtaking ancient witch that plays some kind of magical flute in order to create a pulsing vibe that slowly shows different tones of itself like a mystique event to compliment a full moon in a orange sky.

The third track named ‘third track’ is 48 seconds in length which is a short experience in which I think we are dealing here with instant coffee made with not very hot water by of course somebody else than our own. You can hear Graffiti Mechanism responding to it in ‘track 4’ by going for a very dark brew. Thick and dark but absolutely tasteful how the sound is spread around with the help of a metallic table spoon. If the ears could taste it they would probably agree that it has a industrial after taste, but at the end Graffiti Mechanism adds some milk and a wink of humor. This might not be made of Blue Mountain beans, but it sure is made (or powered by) with the help of coffee (or cheep beer! Grab this release from here:
or from archive:

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