Various Artists – Split – Aires / Rui P.Andrade / Earthly Beasts

artists: Various Artists
title: Split – Aires / Rui P.Andrade / Earthly Beasts
keywords: ambient, dark ambient, experimental
label: Enough Records

If you (like me) always wondered what will happen when the water from the shower slide through the hole in the floor through the drainage of pipes; you might get a little food for fantasy while listening to the work of ‘Aires’ named ‘Solvet Cosmos In Favilla’. It’s a track that seemingly takes us down the drainage of pipe works and (unlike reality) comes across as a place of beauty, magic and mystery. It’s like a fairy tale ride through the sewer system with the authentic dripping of a water stream and warm exciting ambient that rings around the roundness of the pipes. There are no rats or cockroaches or other dirty human filth to be found in this fantasy piece of ‘Aires’, just prettiness that does its thing in the underground, taking advantage of the great acoustics of small environments that only contact microphones can be lowered into for a glimpse of fantasy.

The artist named ‘Rui P. Andrade’ also comes with a track, but this one is named ‘Turdus Merula’.  It doesn’t sound as positive and doesn’t continue our pretty tour through the underground pipe works but is a track that goes for a much darker direction. It fits the cover picture of this triple split as it comes across as the sound of a lonely little village in which all who lives there is asleep as the whole place is covered in a certain darkness. There is no danger, just music to be found; but it is of a slow origin that feels a bit as if its lurking on the villagers for a possible dream interruption.  But if it interrupts the dream it might just replace it with a soft warm buzz that slightly steers away from jolliness, but isn’t unkind or unfriendly of origin. It is rather more of a seductive kind that fills the head up of the dreamer with a dark foggy cloud that might vibrate the eardrums a bit creating a meditative state of abduction. Even if the music gets slightly more and more noisy, the music keeps its balance right and never seems to be in the mood to turn into a nightmare on elm street kind of story. It’s dark but is also generous and warm in its kind.

The odder beast of the trio captured here is the work by ‘Earthly Beasts who delivers a track named ‘Erebus’.
It’s a track that’s more a sound performance than that its a steady flow of ambient like the others. It’s a fascinating one that for some reason indeed keeps the dark tone, but still transports my mind as a listener to a live performance of a sound creator in some small theater with a hypnotized audience with their mouths open and wide than any of the other possible environments this could have taken me. The sound used is done as if its alive and living without any additional instruments or fancy colors. It’s one particular sound being exposed here in different ways creating a soft spot that keeps the attention high because the story telling value that the composer seems to keep by stretching it out in many creative ways and suspension of time and timing. Yes, I don’t know exactly what this all means too, but I believe that I’m trying to express that ‘Earthly Beasts’ is a creator who has enough imagination and creationism to make something out of nothing. Which isn’t as easy as it may sound, especially if its done this good! Free download can be found over here:

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