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noragnollArtist: Nora & Gnoll
keywords: acoustic, folk, punk, queer, alt-folk, folk-punk, singer songwriter, United States
words by: Anna Queerchy

A colleague who is a bit occupied at the moment for frequent appearances at this very space dropped a hint to check out the duo named Nora & Gnoll. As usual a link to a wealth of music was presented and when clicking in the right direction my ears got a fine taste and impression of these two individuals (Atomic Lily (T.R Hurst) and Jonathan Lee) and their creative and honest expressions.

The music on its own is intriguing as it’s very clear and obvious that these songs are done, based, made and baked on reality, their own personality, sexuality and the results are like listening more to a ‘way of life’ and the views that come with it, than just your average song singing about something fabricated and unattached.

^ cover art for the album ‘Wamsutter, Trailer Songs and Other Tales of Woe’ by Nora & Gnoll

Nora and Gnoll sound very attached to their songs and music, they are one of those people who live for their art, visions and have the guts and talent to do express themselves with great Witt, fun and a regular bold fist aimed for any injustice. But don’t worry; there is love, lots of love shining all the way through their songs and hopefully reaching the hearts of potential listeners who are ready to receive some of the real ness that Nora & Gnoll are all about.

I know, I might sound like an writer who wants to engage in a threesome with this couple, but I assure you that this is not an advertisement or a biased form of licking ass. I do not know Nora or Gnoll but just became sucked in more the more I clicked around their online bandcamp page searching for a album to give a potential review.noragnolllI encountered the problem in not being able to choose or even find the right words to describe the music that came up. It is what most people would call folk music, or alt-folk, but its more punk-folk, or love-folk, or queer-folk, or fire-folk, or ‘dont-f*ck-with-Nora-and-Gnoll-folk!  These two are in my opinion cut from a nice and different kind of tree.

^ the cover for the album ‘forward in all directions’

They come across as fearless, and down to earth and (I have heared) they cook excellent food too! Check out this video here of them serenading a group of gay-fearing-protesters with their ‘song for the haters’ song, and you can see the power of a smile destroying the haters with love..

Nora & Gnoll’s art can be seen flourishing as stop-motion video’s, be read in hand written DIY booklets, and hopefully explored in real life if you are lucky. They both sing althoug Atomic Lily seemed to have the strongest voice of them too, really getting the excitement in while Jonathan Lee plays the guitar as the pleasurable guidance. THey are such a solid team that makes them together shine as one beautiful flower! I think of a beautiful rose, with sharp edges on the stern (to cut those haters..).

Nora and Gnoll have the kind hearted spirits of the true souls of anarchy. Not the bullshit things of throwing rocks and wearing all the same black hoodies (because nothing expresses the unique freedom and individualism of anarchists better than black sweaters) but the actual real anarchist philosophy (that must be shocking or thought provoking for the television brainwashed crowds) that is much more peaceful and well intended, friendly, loving and caring than the version made through the propaganda of news outlets and other mainstream media.

This is a solid reason to feature Nora and Gnoll here as listening, seeing, hearing and reading about these two individuals might be a great antidote for wrong views implanted by the mass media to scare people away from the wonderful peaceful , loving and cultural vision of anarchism.

As you might have noticed; my fingers are typing like a steam train in a enthusiastic hurry and there is still no sign of the usual track by track album review. But that’s freedom! We at Yeah I Know It Sucks might look and write like some deranged bunch of hippies, but it seems that the head office is energized with a gigantic battery powered by anarchism too! Who could have thought that? No black hoodies to be seen!

In any way I feel that we should refrain from saying ‘listen to this album by Nora and Gnoll’ or ‘listen to this one’ and that it’s just good to drop a link at the bottom of this gibberish in which you, yourself can challenge your own freedom of choice by choosing (or not choosing) an album by Nora and Gnoll for your very own listening pleasures.

It’s really fun and good music really, lots of stories to be told, a fine warm feeling of surviving in a cramped camper, a loving feeling , a rug sack of humor and wit and the occasional fire on the tongue and middle fingers for the haters and the establishment.

Nora & Gnoll looking good

Nora & Gnoll looking good

To compensate delivering no intimidate guideline which album you have to hear, you might have noticed that this post is decorated with a whole bunch of Nora & Gnoll videos. Please do check them out, because I have to say ‘seeing and hearing this duo is really putting the markings on my written words over here’. Besides that, Nora & Gnoll are greatfull for your ears spending time to hear some of their songs..

Nora and Gnoll are tough, loving, strong, sensible, funny, realer than real, queer, empowering, creative, touchable, adorable, fighters, survivors and kinda sexy too! Who needs commercial capitalistic fabricated pop stars when there is real music with great songs based upon real life brought to you by people who live for their art? Here is a link to Nora and Gnoll’s online place in which you too can fall in love, be energized, spooned up, spiced up or simply laugh and get a kick out of these individuals and their fantastic kick ass sing and songwriter skills:

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4 Responses to Nora & Gnoll

  1. Nothing short of beautifully relevant … and Fuck You to all of those of you out there, that are JUST LIKE Nora & Gnoll, Just like Me, Myself, and My hipster family of off-spun FREAKS in SF, CA who don’t take the time to MAKE SHIT that could MAKE A DIFFERENCE! …
    For our Fn little kid’s My Little Pony Sake …… get off yer facepage and splinter out into creative venues. EVERYONE is in a band these days, so maybe just go out in public tear down Recyclable items into smaller bits, documenting just how much more volume you now have in that container to ship back to China/India to re-sell back to us in a different package …… that’s pretty QUEER! WS Burroughs was the first real “Queer” I knew about and it nearly killed him – no one has to die over being different anymore.
    I dunno – if i’m wrong in taking the sexual signifier out of the sign: QUEER, then let me know, cause I sure as hell feel like things are coming to a much simpler term specification.

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  3. Midge Potts says:

    This review of Nora & Gnoll is outrageous 😉 They are even better than that ^_^

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