Darkstar83 – don’t seek the truth

Artist: Darkstar83
title: don’t seek the truth
cat: petroglyph267
keywords: experimental, ambient, Greece
label: Petroglyph Music http://petroglyphmusic.com/
reviewer: Mark X

This release by Darkstar83 contains just two tracks, but that doesn’t make them title wise light material. The first piece is one named ‘Wishing To Be Buried In Satin’ which gives food for thought as who doesn’t want to be buried (not alive; mind you!) in satin. It seems a much more pleasant and cute way to go down than being buried in a wooden box and sand.

^ Wishing To Be Buried In Satin

Music wise it still sound as if there is a shovel used to dig the hole in satin, but you can indeed also hear the softness of it all. But as the track seems to lower the future dead body in the endless hole between satin it also comes across as a little soft satin nightmare. Perhaps it’s just the idea of listening to this while being buried alive in this kind of fabric that the music feels a bit eerie, but it made me really hope not to be aware if they throw my dead reviewers body in a hole in the ground or indeed one in satin.. Better pour some petroleum and light a match just to be sure to go out with some smoke.

^ love burnt to ashes

It seems that the producer agrees with me that it’s better to burn than buried (even if it’s in satin) as the other track ‘Love Burnt To Ashes’ sounds much more like a peaceful and pleasurable way to go. No nightmares here, just one track of reaching nirvana with some fine campfire crackles of burning meat to ashes and a sound showcase that sounds a bit like being at peace with nature and meeting up with happy singing birds in a dream of the afterlife. Yep, this release is convincing enough to just cremate the shit out of the reviewer instead of ending up as food for the worms wrapped in pink satin. I guess this is the release that makes you think about the issue of what people do to you when your supposedly ‘dead’. It’s just two options that are expressed here, but enough to keep somehow a lasting impression. Get these two experimental ambient tracks over here: https://archive.org/details/petroglyph267darkstar83-dont_seek_the_truth

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