Le Leprechaune – Kitsch Adventure

Artist: Le Leprechaune
title: Kitsch Adventure
cat: DDD003
keywords: 8bit, DIY, electronic, bass musci, bassline, booty bass, breakcore, chiptune, club, experimental, electronic, glitch, maxmsp, Paris
label: Darling DaDa
reviewer: Repelsteeltje

An golden oldie released back in the days on the Darling Dada netlabel is this ‘Kitsch Adventure’ by Le Leprechaune.  The description of the release can’t be more clearer that this is one to be interactive with; dance music that might get you in the mood for indeed monumental dancing.

It has this childhood feeling of computer bleeps, old 8 bit retro smells while also being state of the art that still is modern today with all these half shaved long haired barbecue grillexes around playing wobbling basses in your faces. But Leprechaune is different, it has the jolly feeling of not taking you, me and even itself so serious! After all why would we be serious for a good jolly party?

Leprechaune simply brings candy & chocolate that is fun, infectious and removes boundaries of age-gaps and society. It won’t be hard to imagine the queen of England dancing next to a anarchist dwarf escaped from a red and white dotted mushroom. It’s a Kitsch adventure and the person who hates kitsch is yet to be found.. The Leprechaune has the high melodies covered, but seemed to be standing ground in its peanut butter-like wacko baseline pastries. |

The great use of samples that are being thrown around to spice things up, really gets the party blasting. Just listen to Ghetto Plastic and feel the farts of inhabitants of the Ghetto and be aware that this all turns into irresistible dance music! Gangster farts never mixed and matched so great with happy jolly swing beats, wicked baselines, and the regular yells of joy.

Yep, good luck guessing the name of this Leprechaune and trying not to engage into a spastic dance or fall in a instant party… Don’t choke on the ‘Cheap Caviar’ and have much fun at the following link that will magically lead you to this interactive free dance fest:

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