Akane Hosaka – Loop Music

Artist: Akane Hosaka
Title: Loop Music
keywords: electronic, Japan, Wrieuw, ambient, bleeps, bloops, cute, electronic, experimental, folktronica, loop, loop music, Southen On Sea
label: Wrieuw Recordings

Akane Hosaka’s latest release is brought to you by the lovely Wrieuw Recordings and it’s as cute and adorable as the label it’s own cat-like furry reputation.
The EP is made in a way that can be seen described on its front cover; the artist improvises her music, uses a loop pedal and as a modern day musician loads it all up on a cloud of sound like cute little music memories. The collection of tracks here are selected by the producer herself and is an instant brew that of honest and friendly loopy music that quite frankly is quite adorable.

The first track ‘loop 5 – insect of matchstick’ is the sweet opener of this lovely EP, it feels absolutely cozy and homely which probably is perhaps also the state that the music is recorded in. It’s the fuzzy ness that this cute laidback music is dressed up in that makes you feel as if your listening to an old gramophone record on a wind up vintage record player. The sweet melody is as laid back as it could be and has a childlike innocence over it( making it a track suitable for bringing happiness to the very young up to the very old.

The second track functions nicely over a bubbling quite fanatic sounding acid line that functions a bit like the electronic baseline and funky melody that a very intelligent duck would make. The track title doesn’t speak of this animal, but an other kind which also could be a reference to the male organ that can go up and down. The music is still able to entertain all ages, but has a bit more of a manic feeling over it. It’s the good kind of craziness and will not drive anyone into the realms of insanity, but just gives a nice look over the borderline.

The third one is ‘loop 31 – Red Small Bird’ which is like listening to a much cuter version of a red small bird than the ones that hop around in reality. And yes, the ones in reality are already cute; but the soundtrack here is basically focussing on its humpy way of walk and friendly small talk. It’s a very sweet and loving friendly audio appearance which (I’m sure!) a real life small red bird would chatter along too. Perhaps it will remember it as a song and sing it to it’s smaller than small baby red birds while feeding them some fresh worms.. Adorable!

Talking about adorable things; loop 35 – kewpie doll’ is one on top of that adorable list of things you need to hear to feel happy from the inside out. It has this fun loving melody that removes all the serious thoughts (and faces) and returns the vibe of not taking everything so seriously. Just laugh, relax, listen to this music , fall over a banana peel and laugh again!

‘Loop 37 – SUNA MANJUU’ is another unmistaken must hear track that will deliver a fake chill pill with a funny color pattern to your ears as a form of relaxed music. It’s like listening to a loop of plastic minimal electric synth jazz with a rhythm that you just want to sit down too and take care off yourself by combining this track with something you like; a candy bar, a piece of chocolate mouse, a cup of tea…

The last track is ‘Loop 57’ which is a bit like listening to the joyful strawberry on the cupcake. It has a nice tempo and a sweet cute hand played feeling of improvisation that anyone with a heart and perhaps an inner-child running around would simply adore and enjoy!

Get this album over from Wrieuw Recordings and you will be pleasantly surprised to spend some time with the cuter sound of life:

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2 Responses to Akane Hosaka – Loop Music

  1. Awesome !!!! Really really awesome!!

  2. Feminatronic says:

    Reblogged this on Feminatronic and commented:
    Something joyful and different today courtesy of Akane Hosaka. Very reminiscent of early electronic experiments, childrens telly and retro games. Her music is on a free download and thanks to Yeah I Know it sucks, she is my Todays Discovery.

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