Capital Umano – Babies EP

Artist: Capital Umano
title: Babies EP
keywords: electro, happy, Chile, experimental, rap, babies, ladies
reviewer: Willem van O.

What is it that babies do? Yeah, they suck it! That’s probably what Capital Umano thought when making this single called ‘babies’ as it features this computer voice that says ‘babies, suck it, suck it’. Perhaps it says something else, but that’s what my ears are deciphering here. The voice isn’t alone as it keeps an alternative dance music session companionship which comes with a four by four beat and a rumbling deep electronic bass that flubbers like a Lo-fi pearl with strong caffeine intake.

Half way the voice might say something like ‘for all the ladies’ as the track launches the fatness of that bass by pumping it up into the realms that might get the booty shaking by itself. The voice in the tune becomes a bit confused as it is merging ‘ladies’ and ‘babies’ into ‘baby-ladies’, which somehow makes me as a listener with a wild imagination feeling a bit unease.

Just imagine babies wearing ladies things, or ladies who look like babies and you know what I mean..
Luckily the artist inserts some ‘insert-coin’ music before the voice gives the order to ‘swallow’.. A bleepy melody is launched to get the groove more funky and the voice seems to go berserk too when it acknowledges our ‘correctness’.

To keep us away from a visit to the looney house, DrEku comes along to the rescue and brings a remix of this ‘babies’ track. It has a more in your face beat, enough experimental twist with strange added samples making this remix into a colorful but short term stay.

The last track is a remix of ‘babies’ done by Cinturon Negro which seems to take the original track completely apart and adds more funk, hip hop jam, rolling mashup that reminds me that it’s Sunday today and we all are in drastic need for a breakfast with a strong mind altering flavor. It’s a bit weird this single and it’s accompanied singles, but I’m not sure if it’s because hearing it sober or that it is a case of music in drastic need to grow on the ears. Perhaps listening long enough to the sucking ‘babies’ tracks will make them grow up into full grown (less sucky?) ‘ladies’? Well in any way, here is a link: Suck It!

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