Various Artists – Both Feet In Heaven

Artists: Various
title: Both Feet In Heaven
keywords: experimental, ambient, electronic, industrial, noise, harsh noise
label: Garbage Men Puking

Fatal Pope Week is the lucky artist whose absurd sound has the honorable task to open this unholy experience. The track is named ‘John is Kill’ which might or not refer to a passage from that holy book of books and sounds a bit like the Pope being stuck in a bad week.

Scorpion Sound Source sounds much more like the artist had enough supply of morphine and amphetamines. The track that made its way to the compilation is a nice piece of sound f#ckery. It’s as if Scorpion Sound Source is making noises as a lucrative hobby.

Dr NoiseM’s track raises the roof with a flexible liquid rhythmic dance tune that is loud and very effective in making me as a rusty listener move like a baboon on Molly. Its techno meets noise, grandma puts the volume up and your sister wears neon colored hot pants for dinner kind of music!

But this is not the only mental track that is crossing boundaries of absurdity and epicness as ‘furs’ also puts up a loud crowd pleaser with a track that feels like the ultimate lift off or possible emergency landing of a hijacked airplane. Don’t blow your whistle as this simulation is one off the good kind! It keeps the rush buzzing!

The track done by ‘The Power Of Hot Iron Rods’ has a nice fanatic feel to it. It’s a bit like listening to ether wave carnival noise that has a tempo that would be suitable for chasing rats, cats and your casual flow of sanity. This is the noise of fun, really!

Than our personal hero ‘Contraktor’ makes an appearance with a track named ‘one of those days’. The sound of made me think of those days that the weather outside is so bad that you just want to stay in bed and skip the day and cancel your appointments with the lie that you are sick with a huge headache. It might be even true when listening to this track in a intensive way. It’s like a loud distorted flute that pretends to be an external migraine! Yep, no need to lie as today you’ll be in bed recovering from a music listening session.

Uv Ursa Spr’ is like another nurse treating the ears with a insane medical treatment of distorted tropical animal noise. Colorful parrot feathers squeeze out a sore throat of noise, some lost elephant seems to be lost in it while a casual laser colors the rolling loudness in.

Speaking of noise.. Noise Nazi has also joined the club with a track named ‘seizure activity’. It has the laced and glazed version of noise that strongly reminds me of a heavy rainfall with the rain drops replaced by steel spikes spikes of an unknown industrial origin. It’s one of those works that ring the ears, plunges in deep harsh wealth and yet manages to sound delicate like a velvet glove slapping your face while you are being dragged at the back of a steam train over the rails that it drives over.. Delicate noise, all easy accessible from the comfort of your home.

Time Burgalar is stealing some of our precious time by occupying it with something that sounds a bit like a short drone session. Not ‘drone’s the music genre, but more of those helicopter toys for kids and adults that hover in the sky until the battery dies out.

The job done by ‘Model for Assembl’ is quite the nastiness; it’s very loud, high, painful and exciting. It just pushes the borders of liking and not being liked; it’s just so harsh and insanely wild that it makes me wonder in what harsh conditions this track was made. People should donate money to this artist for so many reasons that we simply can’t note down here. Heavy stuff!

A track done by NOFVCE is suggesting title wise that it’s must sound absolutely disquieting, but it feels more like a pleasant piece of freaked out modem sounds, Starwars thin foil robots belly dancing on a nasty buzz fuzz kick.

The artist named To-Bo takes it’s time to create a very long track that can’t be long enough. It captures a voice, dressed in a saucy coat of noise that masked the lyrics too loud to understand but yet very clear to be heard. What does a human need more?

Deathambition is another fine art of noise challenger, and manages here to deliver a form of rhythmic noise that makes listening to a steady sandstorm as if you are listening to a speedy industrial dance band. There are no guitars but the steady noise is enough to get a mosh pit going. (People walk out, because not feeling metal enough?). It has a frantic maddening feeling to it and works well on the nerves to burst into a freak out or another kind of spastic attack.

The work by 宇宙 (Universe) is at first sight more relaxed, dark but relaxed. A soft take on noise that tongue-kisses the experimental ambient genre long and passionately.

The Brown Coat Mafia doesn’t seemed to be in the mood for kissing and plunges after a alarm like foreplay into a crunchy way of perforation of the ears. It’s a nasty buzz that builds itself up and showcases different outcomes and at time even seduces with unexpected appearances of a killer beauty. This track is fingering its listeners and it’s done with your consent so don’t try to sue the artist or the Garbage Men Puking netlabel..

The last track is done by 蒸気ラウンジ420 and is one that suits the final status on the compilation. It’s a bit like reaching the nirvana after climbing all these gruesome noise tracks. Just shimmer around on this experimental space rock and inhale the clouds of hallucinative smoke and find a bitter taste of heaven. Are you ready to earn your entrance ticket? Than please proceed to the following link and click it:

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