Djanan Turan – Why Don’t You Do Right

Artist: Djanan Turan
Title: Why Don’t You Do Right
Keywords: singer, songwriter, blues, alternative, pop, jazz, soul, miracle music, acoustic,

The very lovely and talented Djanan Turan might have magical skills that we did not really know about. The pseudo writers for gossip magazines who deal with paranormal activities would be drooling if they found out that this singing songwriter is able to sit on water while sliding over it.

I don’t mean that she sits in a puddle, neither the big sea; but the waterline of a canal which is pretty impressive too. It reminded me for a slight moment about the impressive story of Jesus walking over water, but sitting and sliding effortless over the waterline of a Camden (London) based canal is not too bad either! Especially if it’s done in backwards position which amazingly Djanan Turan does.. To top this amazing unnoticed micro world wonder off; she does what she does best and plays the guitar while singing comfortably her bluesy ‘why don’t you do right’ song.

Her voice adopts nicely to the environment as she uses the acoustics smartly while sliding under a cozy looking bridge, and the greater depth of the landscape surrounding the canal. Just at the moment that the amazement can’t possibly go more into the out-of-this-world realms; Djanan Turan starts to throw in another magic trick that will certainly make some jaws drop!

She successfully recreates the sound of a warm and pleasant sounding French trumpet.. It will take a few seconds to understand that this is not a real recording of the instrument stuck on top of the video; but really Djanan Turan emulating this authentic trumpet sound with great ease and soulful flair. Yes, all in all a couple of good reasons to be flabbergasted and impressed. Here is a video of the song for your ears and visual enjoyment:

P.s. YIKIS apologizes for our reporting skills; some eyewitnesses of the happening informed us that Djanan Turan actually uses a boat… Still impressive, but we admit it; this makes Jesus still standing strong on top in the water miracle departments.

P.s 2: for more Djanan Turan, please befriend her on the FBI book:
or (even better!) visit her friendly website:

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