Electrosexual – Tempelhof (single)

Artist: Electrosexual
title: Tempelhof (single)
keywords: electronic, techno, new wave, electronic pop, technopop, electronic music, Berlin

Electrosexual’s brand of electro-sensual music really comes to life in its single named ‘tempelhof’. The track is named after an abandoned militairy airport in Berlin but if you forget about this information you will just be embraced by the freshest sounding synth sounds, the sexiest pulsating electronic waves and the right flows for a friendly pounding between electric friends and one night encounters.

Personally I could hear the airplanes within the music and they are also visually present in the music video (made by ‘Make It From Scratch) that stands on its own as a impressive short movie featuring René Carton, Franck Boss, Dimitri Viau as the actors, who are under the guidance of director Guillaume Julien, in nicely cut and edited scenes by the unmissable Anna Santelli. You should take some time to watch (and hear) as it’s quite the award winner:

As you could have heard in the video above, Tempelhof is the music that you want to hear to get you in the mood for some fantastic form of leisure time. Just forget the militairy and just focus on these sounds..  The single and its fine remix (and exclusive bonus track) are great material to be played in a club full of hot and horny party people, but are also prefectly suitable to flush through lonely headphones with cool fitting sunglasses at any other time of the day.

Yes, listening to this does makes horny; but even if there is no one around the sexy synthesizer melodies might be able to satisfy its intimate listeners just as much as if there was a willing partner involved. Just listen to those sexy synths, the irresistible deep grooves and the hot basekick directing the right tempo for the ultimate sensual electronica experience.

Even the members of Kraftwerk will be all wet and juicy when their veteran electro ears accidentally get in touch with this hot single of Electrosexual, that’s how sexual the electro of Electrosexual sounds over here…
This is definitely a good single, that can be easily be enjoyed by a single, a duo or a whole horny crowd of fun loving electronica fans!

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