Artist: NISULA
title: JUNAIKA
keywords: ambient, dance, electronic, experimental, funk, hip-hop, Paris
reviewer: Willem van O.

Put some sexy eighties flashbacks in a blender, spice up the disco elements and stir it all up until the juicy flexibility of spandex has reached its boiling points!
This is what this release by NISULA is all about! Heavy dancing with recycled material all renewed with enough marmalade on top to get the sportive characters at a gym all fanatic in their actions. Now is the time to fill up sweatbands with self-produced salty sweat from trying to get in time with the happy action music.

Leave your mullet and your underarm mustaches swinging on these three tracks and rock that booty as the originals skip, glitch and twist into a funny mess of recut, pimped up, rope jump material.
Stretch and clap, turn and jump. Hang in there as the music of NISULA might even get the fattest fast food asses reduced into buttocks carried on the bodies of small salad eaters.

Dance to the ‘Talkie Walkie’, the ‘Hoot Mute’ with or without your body wrapped in flashy retro ness, but be sure to get your chicken wings flapping! In fact ‘Talkie Walkie’ might even be zapping your feet straight into the future! A future in which indeed spandex becomes sparkly and modern again! The last track ‘Requiem Poor Internet’ is more downtempo, less retro but more a showcase of electronic ballet for a nice chill session after all the heavy dance action at the head sweat session! It’s a bit like listening to a aphex twin track made while drunk on some kind of tranquilizer..
Get these splendid spandex friendly tracks over here:

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1 Response to NISULA – JUNAIKA

  1. nisula says:

    Thank you Willem van O. ♥

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