Keywords: experimental, bullshit, Cleveland, drum machine, dumb, edgy, industrial, minimal
Reviewer: Benny B.

Yeah I Know It Sucks is a bit like the opposite of a bull’s anus. Instead of dropping the shit out, we are all excited when we come across it and gladly insert it with great enthusiasm in our ears. (Of course the anus would be best, but from there the possible music could be sounding too muffled to decipher..)

The bullshit produced by a SLUGLOCATOR was a great find on the Monday morning as.. Well who doesn’t love the smell and sound of bullshit on the (let’s admit it) most hated day of the week? So how did this ‘SLUGLOCATOR’ drop go? Well, glad you asked. It has indeed that Monday morning feeling as this bullshit seemed to go for a wake up theme in which happy machine guns are brought in to create something funny to dance on.

Play this at the office and spread the bullshit until it’s time to wrap it up. It has the gun sounds and the bullets dropping so arranged that it’s actually quite the active morning opener. A little moment of dancing, perhaps just stepping around with steam out of the nose in the hope for some provocative bullshit reaction from the co-workers.

If you aren’t satisfied with the shit of SLUGLOCATOR’s SLUGLOCATOR than you will be happy to find that there is a ‘piss mix’ too! Ah, Monday morning bullshit and piss: the week is starting off so well!

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