Swin Deorin – Life In A Bubble EP

Artist: Swin Deorin
Title: Life In A Bubble EP
Keywords: electronica, electronic, ambient, breakbeat

This ‘life in a bubble’ EP by Swin Deorin starts with a track that might fit a winterish landscape with a sun lighting up the snowy surface. It’s named ‘For every part of my being’ which probably explains the beauty in which this stripped electronic melody shimmers around in. It has also something sad over it; can’t quite put my finger on it. Perhaps it’s because even though the snow is happy to meet up with the sun: it knows it will melt fatally towards the end? Or in the case of the producer making this track for every part of it’s being; a sort of longing or wish that someone else had made this for each part of the artists wellbeing instead?

The second track has a upbeat tempo that seems to go for tricky phases that makes me feel like listening to the jumps of a boxer that hits and jumps in and out of the flow. Avoiding predictability by acting wonky, while being very much the opposite of wonkiness. A nice flow of soft sound clouds fly softly above it, making it a boxing contest witnessed by the holy lords of the great sky.

Reaching Out Yawn’ has a nice handmade feeling over it. It’s a bit like listening to fingers tickling a ukulele and stroking it gently. It has the warm feeling that can be compared to wearing a woolen knitted hat. It is nice that this sweet moment gets in with a uplifting breakbeat to pulsate around like a favorable heartbeat that looks forward to the next spring or perhaps even summer time.

A different tale is ‘Chew the Rine Off’ which is a more alternative improvisational piece of experimental deep sleep jazz. It makes me think of a gigantic furry bear in a cave going for a winter sleep, while a family of sneaky bunny’s sneaked in the bears bedroom for some good old burgling. A thematic well played breakbeat functions as the perfect soundtrack for their crime. I hope for the bear that he will still have his furry coat when he wakes up..

The last track on this EP is ‘Permo’ which features the snow melting pronounced by relaxing ambient tones that sounds quite mysterious. The added vocals are underlining this feeling and with a strange vibe of the bear waking up with the entrance of its cave being collapsed, the release leaves my ears with a bit of a cliffhanger ending… This EP might be the sound of a ‘life In A Bubble’ but this bubble sounds quite different than the ones you could find bubbling up from a standard bubble bath. Take a peek inside and go for a visit over here:

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