Pogohm – Funky Drunk

Artist: Pogohm
Title: Funky Drunk
Keywords: dance, electro, techno, electronic, funk

Sometimes it just happens; you drank the right amount of alcohol to get that funky feeling moving into your system. It’s good to know that there is music out there that will be a good fit for drunken moments like these. The track ‘funky drunk’ by the French beat freak artist Pogohm is such a tune that will make your funky intoxication into a positive experience.

No one will complain while you play this track and start to juggle your drunken ass like you just don’t care. It might be good to urinate (like the producer does before the funky beat kicks in) before actively move your body into full swing; but than again this music might even sound better with urine dripping down your legs. Just makes you want to wiggle and move them more, which might get you dancing with some effective mister Bean-ish dance moves that is not only funky fun to do, but also fun to watch by non intoxicated funk lovers.

The fun is short but as Pogohm brings in another track to dance on, the pleasure can go on for a little bit more with hips moving and arms twirling. It’s obviously made with the use of loops, (drum loops, acid loops, and perhaps even hula hoops loops) which makes it one of those tunes that is easy to party on as you can’t make a wrong move. It’s not very funky, but more like an underground trance deejay digging his way up. Add some synth on the loops and smile as your drunken moves are captured on candid camera!

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