Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – We can do everything, We can be heroes

artist: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt
title: We can do everything, We can be heroes
cat: Siro761
keywords: soundscape, ambient, experimental, other
label: Sirona-Records
reviewer: Willem van O.

The eccentric prolific music creator and inventor of the ‘accidental guitar method’, and person with a long classic name you can’t forget ‘Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt’ is back in internet land with a fresh new free release.

It’s 10 minutes in length and has a vibe over it that feels quite charming, stripped down and pleasant. It is Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt that seems to have his shield of mystery down and now comes across more human; entertaining his friends (you and me and the audience around him at the time of the recording) with a relaxed charm and wit.

I don’t know what the setup was for this work but I imagine a dinner table with Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt sitting and playing in front while others (there are also children!) sit on each side to watch and hear the spectacle. The eyes and ears are focused as the artist takes a tea spoon and hits it in an avant-garde but rhythmic way.. Is he going to give a speech? Well, it doesn’t sound far off as we can hear him speak warm and friendly, possibly even cracking a joke while discussing serious things with a wise wistful feeling over it.

I can’t really follow the words as they came so unexpected to my ears and hadn’t had the right mind to pick it all up (it might actually be a speech about awareness of Ebola..) what was been said. It does sound poetic, warm and really like a friendly empowering gathering.

The work is titled ‘We can do everything. We can be heroes’ which is of course a title that indeed is of a very positive kind. You too can be inspired by an artist like Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt; you too can pick up a teaspoon at the next following Christmas family meal and start a performance, with wise words and sounds that you can produce.

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt just proofs that you don’t even need to play an authentic instrument; you can just grab whatever and be yourself as an instrument. Nothing is wrong and everyone can be a hero, music maker, speech giver, holy person and space alien!

Just use your imagination and follow your dreams and if you need inspiration than please do listen to cult hero Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt’s latest release and you will sure know that you can indeed be who you want to be and do what you want to do! Check it out and hit that tea-spoon into your own personal success story!

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