Eoforwine / Raven – Split

IMG_0001Artists: Eoforwine / Raven
title: Split
keywords: ambient, noise, ambient noise, live performance, experimental, romantic noise, lobit
cat: fckspl 010
format: Floppy Diskette
label: Floppy Kick http://floppykickrecords.blogspot.com/

When the music by two artists is captured on a single floppy diskette, Floppy professionals would call it a ‘floppy split’. A right term, describing exactly what it should describe; music from different creators meeting in the middle of a floppy.  This means twice as fun as a floppy single, and in the case that you know only one of the two artists; 50% change to discover a new one. 100 % change that you’ll need a floppy drive to get the full physical experience. Good news though ‘Floppy Kick’ guarantees every purchaser of the diskette that it will be able to listen to the content of the floppy, no matter what!

Today within this YIKIS update I would like to discuss one of the more precious sounding floppy splits released by this ‘Floppy Kick’ label. The artists involved are ‘Eoforwine’ and ‘Raven’. Both sounds have entered my ears before, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think it’s an exciting mix and match to find them so nicely side by side on this floppy. Both are involved in producing experimental noise and sound-wise their combination is almost like two bars of chocolate wrapped in the same paper.
IMG_0002Eoforwine’s side of the story is named ‘legume’ which surprisingly fits the weather circumstances that happen outside the windows when it softly rains. The sound of music comes down gradually and fills up the ears in a fine way. It is the noise of a pleasant kind; relaxed pulsating in its shape that gives a feeling of freshness to things that could have sounded dirty. It really helps that within this state of sound another deep emotion can be picked up that acts like the confined bringer of warmth and coziness that gives the work a romantic feeling.

When your ears completely surround the work it simply turns into the music that would be a great soundtrack for cuddling with a pet, a loved one or even just snugging up with yourself. It becomes clearer that ‘legume’ has the same qualities as sitting in front of a fireplace on a fluffy carpet with candles and flowers, yet it sounds nothing like it.

It really brings back the romantic charm of noise music which makes this genre so appealing for sensitive people who just want to have the perfect soundtrack to match their delicate tastes and are in need for that special soundtrack for their ‘finishing touch’. Eoforwine’s Legume is for you romantic people.. Combine it with wine from a good year and the classy music would certainly make sure your classy life will be improved a great deal.IMAG2886The fascinating work by ‘Raven’ is perhaps not settled down to bring back just pure romance in its sound, but it does come across as a lengthy entertaining set that will certainly makes this floppy worth every penny. It’s a live set, which explains its great diversity in sound and many movements that keeps bubbling in exciting shapes and forms. For fourteen minutes the ears will be treated with soft brush of sound that makes the appearance of being alive and is more of a character that fiddles excitingly with instruments that sound like a happy chatter of an electronic kind.

The birds of the lobit rate are very friendly, sweet and not out there to harm you or the possible listening partner(s) who makes this split so great in keeping the romantic atmosphere in an entertaining form.  This performance wouldn’t be out of place to listen with a loved one on the bed, holding hands as the clattering happy noise fills up the room like a fairytale of critters bringing in hearts and forms of excitement to wonder about. Besides this work will only give impulses for conversation or indeed functions as a great soundtrack for interactive cuddling; much better than watching a boring romantic comedy, and definitely much more classy with probably much better results in the romance departments.

All in all the work of ‘Eoforwine’ and ‘Raven’ are quite different from each other, so well in length as in sound production and output; but they are a great mix together to keep an atmosphere that sounds classy and romantic. A floppy split that would be perfect noise music for the start of a beautiful romance, or just a quality atmosphere to spice up your household with. You can order this floppy by contacting the Floppy Kick label from their own website:

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