mutaHERTZ – Fantastic Planetscapes

Artist: mutaHERTZ
title: Fantastic Planetscapes
cat: ARGREC25
keywords: experimental, ambient, avant-garde, dark ambient, drone, planetscapes
label: Argali Records Netlabel
reviewer: a tiny, tiny, tiny humanoid

mutaHERTZ is a hybrid artist made up with the genes of I.v.Martinez and Jack Hertz. This new creation has just released a free and most spacious album named ‘Fantastic Planetscapes. The title might inform you that the music is indeed very out-of-the-box, and thinks far ahead away from mother earth and its boundaries, as it focusses much more on the music that could only be made with the hybrid observing the universe from an even wider distance.

The first track ‘Cosmose’ is a great example of this well willing eye for the bigger deal. A global soundscape made by this new alien musician that plays and shuffels around with planets as if they are tiny children toys. Of course it doesn’t sound tiny, as the movements, the depth and the massive consequences of every move has a drastic but interesting effect on the cosmos.

The second work ‘Chaoseed’ brings a more darker side to the story; bright stars are being smashed down for a nice falling effects, comets are being popped as if they were pimples, and the nebula clouds are moved from their original position as if the entire galaxy is one massive engine of a experimental scientific synthesizer and all the things that lay within are the knobs to twists to get these massive impressive fantastic planetscapes.

With ‘Hiddentity’ the larger than life alien hybrid form creates another amazing piece that is literally out of this world. It seems that by moving the planets their orbits; most fascinating sounds can be formed. They might sound warm underneath, but they also sound synthetically terrifying. Perhaps it comes across like that because of our human ears and the tiny brains that have never heard anything larger than life at this gigantic sound scale. It makes us feel as listeners microscopic small, gigantic in tiny ness while the soundscapes is the biggest thing that we can’t even grasp how large it is.

Half way the soundtrack seems to go further and further away. The zooming out of sound makes our planet smaller and smaller and the blackness of the entire cosmos larger and larger.  In the end we hear MutaHERTZ talking to itself in its alien form.. Stupid little humans with your big egos; in this cosmos you are not even the size of a bacteria.

With ‘Signalien’ the music begins to sweep mysteriously. It’s as if the hybrid alien producer is whipping certain parts of the galaxy under a black hole. Everything is going to be clean and to the licking of mutaHERTZ. We can hear him breathe with satisfaction as if the music maker is gaining a sexual appetite while zapping out certain parts of our solar system. It certainly sounds good for mutaHERTZ and there is nothing we can do as humans than just pray that earth won’t be next for a sweep and a whipping down into the endless depth of a black hole.

Lucky our state of over impression of our tiny brains can take a break from the realization how small we actually are. With ‘Xenomorphs’ is seems that mutaHERTZ forgets about us and the galaxy cleanup and goes for a nice intergalactic food-break. I have no idea what it eats or munches on, but it sounds as if space dust is otherworldly delicious. Of course after the spacious intake of some far away planets that we don’t even know about, mutaHERTZ goes for deep drone drinks mixed with strange alien lights with a twist of old acid jazz from another alien order.

The last work is ‘Codefect’ which sounds as if the artist is content and ready to go to wipe out the entire galaxy with a spacious sponge and lots of clean tissue.  It’s like all our planets are just dots on a windscreen and mutaHERTZ is in a cleaning temper. The good thing is that the actual session goes by harmless as if earth is a spot that the hybrid alien artist has missed or felt sympatric for.  It’s great because otherwise nobody would be able to hear these fantastic planetscapes, which are truly of a grotesque form impressive and provides a scientific glimpse of a far, far, far away alien zone.

We can hear mutaHERTZ speak in his own language towards the end which is one that is tremendously hard to decipher and probably takes years and years to decode. I hope earth will stay for enough time to get some more answers about mutaHERTZ and its cleaning whipeout, but better live every day of our lives as if it’s the last! (You just never know when a force from outer space removes our planet from the map..)

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