Randomatik Blast – Ecclectik

Artist: Randomatik Blast
title: Ecclectik
cat: Siro009
keywords: acid, breakbeat, breakcore, drum & bass, electronic, experimental, techno
label: Sirona-Records http://sirona-records.com/
reviewer: Acid Pete

First things first. Welcome at this so called review of praise. The second thing is ‘welcome to party awesomeness!
Randomatik Blast is quite a famous electronica artist that owns the breakcore scene in south, north east and the west of France and its fame and legacy expands with fans popping up all over the world. If you are in need for an free album of upbeat electronica, breakbeats, chopped up acid lines and fun than please seek no further and go straight to the bottom of this writing and download this classic album in case you did not added it into your collection before.

This album was released way back but still a true blast (did I already mentioned that it is free?!) and a great way to explore the music of Randomatik Blast for the first time. From the first track (which features everyone’s favorite Darth Vader theme) all the way to the last, it’s the artist building up your devotional love for his music. Who doesn’t love the organic melody, the mashup vocals and the funky beats with nice underlining acid funkiness from the ‘organ donor’ tune? If we could hear this tune in exchange for donating organs we would probably donate our ears the last. (Are ears organs?)

The sparkling acid friendly mashup with rolling drums and a slight synth rock feeling really prevails in ‘time of the moon’ which really stands out in fun that will get every dull party into a brewing one. When the nasty bass kicks in the roof of the house will be lift up all the way to another planet.

Randomatik Blast really knows how to add his own flavors and sounds to unmistakable classics that everyone recognizes and loves. Even if you hated the movies, the music theme of ‘Mission Impossible’ is one that all of us appreciate especially in a superb new party coat with effective beats and electronic coolness.

The coolness of a sexy synth virtuoso that isn’t too whacked out of the skull to play its manic melodies in a way it provides the good vibes is what Randomatik Blast has and provides. The sharp fine synthesizer nastiness of ‘Hardball 2’ is one of those ones that will give the listener the rush, while the tune named ‘Atlantic’ provides the ultimate buzz. It’s a great combination to hear the wicked beats and freakery with the hardcore hip hop freshness by a word spitting fellow named Strange Flow.

Also Aphex twin lovers will get a piece of candy with drill breaks mixed with ragga and those allround loved acid bleepy melodies. A track named ‘miss rohypnol’ is simply getting it on with its nastiness like a little drummer boy that snorts you up for a fine rave experience.

There is a track named ‘mr Kindhoover’ which obviously refers to the artist of the same name. A breakcore artist that uses lots of craziness with classical elements, which definitely comes to life in this track over here. Might Randomatik Blast be actually mister Kindhoover or is it an amazing tribute well done?

It’s over clear that this producer knows its beats, it’s skills to fit in with so well the upbeat side of the braindance crowd, the ragga crowd, the synth funk crowd, the drum n base crowd and positive electronica crowds in general. This album is one for on the dance floor and even if you don’t have a dance floor; it will make sure any floor will turn into one to dance on.

Fanatic electronic melodies, acid wobbles, plunderphonic elements, the bubble gum pop of ‘220’ , the popping pills rave exploding pupils rave sound ( the Rabbits Name Was ) , the wild old school strategic beats with punk attitude (On It)… ; it simply got all that is needed to party, with enough diversity, epicness and uplifting happy moods and awesomeness! Better proof that quality electronica party music can be fdownloaded for free (with permission of the artist) you simply can’t find elsewhere on the planet. Download now and get hooked on Randomatik Blast and feel like a ‘king for a day’ while getting down on the tune with the same name!

Get this excellent party album for free at the following link and enjoy, share and spread the good vibes:
Or alternatively download from here:

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