Rudolph West – anti cinema pictures’ special

Artist: Rudolph West
keywords: movies, alternative movies, anti cinema, experimental, soundscape, movie, art, horror
words by: Reindeer Cigarette

Booh! It’s Halloween and it’s a day of sucking. Sucking on a horrid piece of candy, a Popsicle or someone’s horrific looking ding dong. Because of this commercial fest in which you can put your dead grandma in a super market trolley and drive her around from door to door without getting weird looks, it’s nice to write something about nobody’s favorite experimental horror movie director Rudolph West.

His name is a bit like Marilyn Manson’s name; a mixed up from two inseparable opposites. Rudolph the red nosed drunken reindeer and West, a cigarette brand for smoking. This automatically makes the name of the video director sound familiar and could be viewed as an instant recognizable household name. Yet, Rudolph West’s anti cinematic masterpieces are reasonably under viewed and perhaps even understated.

I’m not talking about his professional commercial video work for global hit sensation TVMessiah (that’s a completely different story) , but strictly about his stand alone movies: They are pretty extra ordinary in script, visualization, story, special effects and all round theme of provocational love for religion’s favorite hippie.

Who can forget the demonstrators lining up to destroy the first screening of his ‘untitled’ movie? A movie that was for some people visually so disturbing that it made extra people visit their churches to pray for Rudolph West to never ever cast a holy book in a movie again.

Of course the ‘untitled’ movie had next to a lot of hate reactions also some positive reviews. One movie critic at the French Riviera noted that the soundtrack was unlike anything that she had ever heard in a movie. A famous composer who had seen it in a backroom at Canes Film Festival was also full praise and called it a ‘sound collage with images’. We at YIKIS aren’t good with choosing a critical side or pronouncing opinions in the cinematic fields, but do have a link to the ‘untitled’ movie for your own eyes and ears:

The thing is that Rudolph West simply doesn’t give a shit about what you, the movie critics, composers, religious leaders and other people think of his produced movies or soundtracks. This directional stubbornness is one that is something that should be admired and really is the brewing form of the artist’s own film production house named ‘anti-cinema pictures’. It’s here that the short movie with stop motion effects and dolls with nudity came to life in the film named ‘Christian Children Propaganda’. A movie largely ignored on the large art house cinema crowd, but found a small but dedicated cult following through viewings at garage sales and trash nights. Our detective departments have specially searched the internet webs to present you here this largely unknown underground film:

The real reason that we are doing this Rudolph West ‘special’ on Halloween is probably thanks to the film director and creative genius himself. Like a unexpected appearance he had popped up in our mailbox to let us know that his newer than newest movie is out and about ready to be watched by readers of the Yeah I Know It Sucks space. For the audio fans of Rudolph West, this movie might surprise you as there is a real dialog going on that could stand alone as a spoken word performance that to some of our unknown intern reviewers is actually much creepier than the actual visualization of the story. Expect the favorite theme from Rudolph West but now taking up a much grander budget with real life actors bringing a story to life with a dead grim smile and suspicious good lighting. Still the demonic voice of a teddy bear is enough to sleep tonight with the lights on and reason enough to put the volume up before watching the newest Rudolph West movie. You can always listen to the soundtrack with visuals of the Hell-raiser Franchise later. Here is ‘Jesus Doesn’t Love You’ by Rudolph West, might it make your Halloween suck a little bit more:

merry christmas everybody!

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