Urinal Shit – Something Isn’t Quite Right

Artist: Urinal Shit
title: Something Isn’t Quite Right
keywords: messy noisecore, goregrind
label: Mastoiditis Recordings
reviewer: Mark X

This re-release of a classic ‘Urinal Shit’ production brings our ears to the nearest public ‘restroom’ for a instant performance with real drums and real body fluids. It begins straight with it’s well performed act of class named ‘Overflowing The Basin’ in which Urine Shit shoots out a whole street worth of bricks out of his backside in the well perceived conclusion that it might make the basin overflow. The drums functions as a hype aggressor and does a great deal of cheering while the performer poops out these stones as if it they are hard boiled eggs that just need to escape the stench from the internal body parts.

The determent Urinal Shit takes care of its business as at the next track (Uncloggable Toilet Block) the drums stimulate the artist to attempt to unclog at least one toilet. Water flushes, the plunger plunges and the smell is luckily not smellable through the recording or we might have simply died a little. Nope the hard working effort of ‘Urinal Shit’ seems to be hopeless as the toilet stays clogged, but it does created a nice soundtrack as a special memory of this hopeless fiasco in time.

Add ‘crap splatter gore platter’ to the toilet scene and you feel like listening to successful easy manageable turds that slip out while the drums bang to give every brownie a dose of energy. It’s here that the floor is being filled with these slippery friends, which is no fun for the cleaner; but sound wise there is absolutely no problem for us..

Something isn’t quite right’ might refer to the bizarre business of music made in a public lavatory, it isn’t quite right especially when the big message goes into the place in which the smaller one should have gone, and the other way around. This title track captures the water flushes of the urinal and the now familiar drums figuring how to deal with it in all normality.

To highlight the moment of ‘shitting in the urinal’ the ‘Urinal Shit’ comes with probably the most straight edged grunge rock to the collection. The strings are being roughly treated and the beat just provides what we need, especially when people go for that special ‘listening to music while shitting in the urinal’ kind of occasion.

The last track starts with a cry of a toilet goer who happens to have dropped into the performance at the wrong moment in time and is now drowning in feces. ‘Urinal Shit’ is obviously loving it and makes sure to make more shit music to make sure the whole public toilet space is flooded with nastiness. A few crashes, to accentuate the drowning and we’re dead.. Classy, very classy way to drown!

So yes, this release originally released in 2007 on a tape and CDr by Mental Abuse Records is after all those years still as shitty as the original probably was. I’m not sure if it sucks, but it definiatly poops and pisses. Download is (not a big surprise) absolutely free:

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