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Mimi Kawouin (video)

artist: Mimi Kawouin keywords: strange beast, lullabies for colored nightmares, noise, weird, video The name of ‘Mimi’ is one that is quite popular among the cuter side of pets. Mimi Rabbits, Mimi hamsters, fluffy Mimi cats.. but Mimi is a name … Continue reading

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Hank the Think Thank – Just Hmm.. it

Artist: Hank the Think Thank title: Just Hmm.. it cat: [0kbps-69] keywords: breakcore, experimental, dunno label: MAV [0kbps] records reviewer: Hank (the Think Thank) Hmm… I did a release? Hmm… Do I see this correct? Hmm? This picture depicts … Continue reading

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DMDN – Sling Trip 2

artist: DMDN title: Sling Trip 2 keywords: experimental, ambient drone, drone, ambient, musicque concrete, noise, Tilburg labels: Midas Tapes / Supreme Tool Supplies The super deejay operating from Tillywood , the Netherlands whose name should ring a bell ‘DMDN’ is … Continue reading

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City Dragon – dogs dogs

Artist: City Dragon title: dogs dogs format: cassette / digital keywords: avant-garde, experimental, France, Paris, ambient, free jazz, jazz noise, noise pop, psychedelic, sound art, Reston label: Ingrown Records reviewer: Willem van O. After scientists doing the two sided … Continue reading

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deafness – Unknown Depths

artist: deafness title: Unknown Depths cat:TAN352 keywords: ambient, lobit, Russia, drone label: Tales About Nothing Last night I wrote a review for this wonderful new release by Deafness, I think it had at least over one thousands words of praise. … Continue reading

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mhz_ – Steep Lines 2

Artist: mhz_ title: Steep Lines 2 cat: 8r073 keywords: mhz_, drone, 8ravens, low-bit, lobit, lo-bit, 8kbps label: 8Ravens Do you have an interest in the sacred knowledge of the chicken and the egg? Everyone always bothers along with who … Continue reading

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Floppy Totaal (The Floppy Diskette Festival) / report/

Event name: Floppy Totaal keywords: Floppy Diskette Festival, Floppy diskette, lobit, lobit music, noise, ambient, drone, experimental, music, electronic, live performances, rhythmic, lobit movies, report by: KN Hello reader in the past, I’m writing to you from the future. Not … Continue reading

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murmurists – I Cannot Tell You Where I Am Until I Love You (ALRN049)

Artist: murmurists Title: I Cannot Tell You Where I Am Until I Love You Label: Alrealon Musique Cat#: ALRN049 Keywords: Experimental, Ambient, Avant-garde, Soundtrack Reviewer: Alex Spalding Not everyone knows this, but there are many different layers of the underground. … Continue reading

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The Caring Babies – Another New Fred

Artist: The Caring Babies title: Another New Fred format: Floppy Diskette keywords: pop, popular song, contemporary, catchy, lobit, lofi, adult music, sing songwriting, rag dollpop, rock, alternative, toytronic, Hartford, floppy, floppy diskette label:Wrieuw Recordings Sometimes discovering new music is like … Continue reading

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