Various – “…It’s Called A Seperation”: 10 Years of Fathers Day.

artists: Various
title: “…It’s Called A Seperation”: 10 Years of Fathers Day.
keywords: experimental, weirdo, covers, family, family music, folk, fun, hardcore, no wave, noise, pop, punk, spoken word, Phoenix
label: Related Records

Fathers Day is a band that describes itself as hardcore punk trash from Phoenix. They have been a band for 10 years and seven years ago (if you read this in 2014 that is..) they released a song named ‘Did I use the word divorce?‘. Now we are here in the future to find a compilation of 16 acts covering this very same song. Just looking at the time lengths of each and every ‘cover version’ you just know that it isn’t taken all too serious, with enough imagination and space for freedom for each artist to make something very different than expected from a collection of same songs.

The original track just clocks 29 seconds in length, but none of the contributing artists is able to beat that record. The longest cover (5 minute +) is also the opener of this compilation and is done by ‘Soft Shoulder’. It might be taking the time but captures the original punk vibe a great deal and in fact just makes the enjoyable part lengthier so we can enjoy the naughty rough feeling of tongue in cheek punk music. Great roughness on the guitar, constrained singing and great underlying solos for a jaw breaking energy boost. All these elements making this track flying by just as quick as the original.

Weirdest Band In The World performers and artists with the most favorable music video clip on youtube ‘Radioactive Chicken Heads’ give the song a fancy laid back swinging make-over. Everything is great on it, just the complete different take in vibe. It’s as if the beach boys got high and suddenly started to make cool music. Credits to the backing choir and the intensive front singer.

Serene Dominic’s version of ‘Did I Use The Word Divorce’ is an equally bizarre take on this song which sounds absolutely nothing like the original; but who cares? The song has a flair of being cut from looped sounds from dusty pieces of vinyl with a funky beat as the main steady factor. The voice of Serene Dominic on top sounds like the showman announcing the circus side freak show with a grand tone and the whispering words are right in suggesting that it is indeed a ‘celebration’.

Andy Warpigs (with Ray Reeves) also joined the club and gives the song a very personal touch. It’s as if they picked up on the folk side of the story and as if they actually experienced saying the word ‘divorce’ themselves instead of ‘separation’.

The great use of a beatmachine comes in handy when it is delivering the drive in the cover by ‘Cult of the Yellow Sign’. It’s like a train of natters leaving the rails for a quick disaster!

To keep the energy going it’s good to hear ‘No Dice’ doing its ‘Did I Use The Word Divorce?’ cover song. It captures different mood, from epic headband punk to insanely friendly children music.

Did I Use The Word Divorce? by Amadoe’s Krew is equally bizarre if you compare it with the original song. Here the crew brings it as if its an alternative Christmas anthem. Song like a choir with holy intentions. An highlight right on time for the upcoming December month.

If you like it more roughened up and crunchy than the sounds of purity; than you might enjoy the version brought by ‘Lite Orange’ which goes well into the zones of distortion, giving the punk a feeling of readiness for the future annihilation of all sounds! Noise is the new punk, right?

The version by ‘The Bittersweet Way’ is bittersweet,. There is no doubt about it. Bitter, bitter sweet.
Not too sweet and not too bitter, but exactly in the middle. A great homage to this intriguing song.

Django Ramone gives it a stripped down bluesy vibe, which only he and his voice can carry. It works out very well, making the word ‘divorce’ even sounds appealing!

The following band is ‘Cant’ (a band name that you automatically want to remove the ‘a’ and replace it with an ‘u’) and brings a nice relaxed version that gives a friendly lo-fi feeling to the song. It takes it time and actually sounds like the music to cuddle up too.

From here we can go a little bit in the more crazier realms with the cover version done by a certain ‘Ally Mcbeelzebub’ who gives it an native american kind of touch. Just close the eyes and you can imagine feather-heads stamping on the ground while the song get a ritual treatment. A track that makes you feel like to join in with a bamboo flute.

420’s DId I Use The Word Divorce? sounds like a Stephen Hawking doing a spoken word cove version of the original song.

Than we have a project named ‘Fake Snake’ whose version is like experimental industrial noise that strangely made me feel like listening to someone putting a screw in someones nose.

More closer to the original in vibe and yet stripped down and personal is the attitude captured in the version done by Run-On-Sunshine. The power of voice and drums really stars out.

To mark the power of the voice ‘Treasure Mammal’ does a little insight story as a spoken word piece covering what the artist called ‘a weird experience’. A touché and nice end of this frantic selection of strangest covers of the original ‘Did I Use The Word Divorce?’ song to celebrate 10 years of Fathers Day.

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