2nnt – Portal of Psyclopsidae

Artist :2nnt
title: Portal of Psyclopsidae
cat: Siro730
keywords: psychedelic, trance, IDM, electronica, breakbeat
label: Sirona-Records http://sirona-records.com/
words by: Acid Pete

People gather in fields, open lands in a dense forest, somewhere on an island and at other places..
It isn’t very unusual as people gather all the time, but these meetings of individuals are different.
These people try to have a good time by having an atmosphere for themselves in which there is no sign of law enforcers or party poopers. The distance makes sure that the bores stay away, and hopefully makes it more difficult for officials to crack down on happy people.

These people (mostly white people with dreadlocks, kaki colored clothes and baggy pants) are there to go out of their mind in the good way. It’s a comfortable happening in the surrounding of open air and nature as the groups form crowds among a pair of loud speakers and a deejay/producer that spins a very different kind of music. Don’t expect that it’s new wave in sync with the natural surroundings to please the birds and the trees, but more of a high tech kind of psychedelic trance music.

Perhaps you have been at those parties, or you have seen a video gone viral in which a chick is trying to bang her head in order to break the air while others dance with amazing freedom and yet remarkable robotic spasms in an orgasm of love and happiness? We can pretend that it’s originality, that there are no ‘boosts’ involved, just to fool overlooking authorities that it’s just a natural expression of joy stimulated by this pounding steam-train of beats.. But let’s face it; you really need something special in your system to really hear the depth for a willing dance with your own aura..
It’s okay to expand the mind and dance all night and day long; doing those whacked moves and satisfy the aliens while pretending to be tree huggers littering the place with footprints.. It’s very fine! But without a stimulant.. Most of this music becomes unbearable.. It’s as if you travel all the way to such an event and you have no idea what to expect; that you simply have no choice to get some acid to survive..

The reason that I’m chatting about these parties and the needed stimulant while attending them is because it functions as a natural introduction to a free release by a producer named ‘2nnt’. It is the solution that meets half way in the middle that pleases psy-trance lovers and actual electronic listeners that needs a bit more variation so they don’t exactly have to buy in a whole-sale shipment of that formula of psychedelic door keys to another world. Still, it helps a great deal while adding that ingredient to your listening session, but I feel it’s possible to listen and  actually enjoy the dance music without being off your tits while flirting with the auras of your surroundings.. It’s listenable in both ways, which makes it possible to make it believable to tell critics, that ‘you just enjoy the music for the music’ and that there is indeed no ‘mind stimulant’ involved… ‘We are just having a good time, officer’..

I’m kidding! Better get yourself loaded on liquid drops, soaked sugar cubes or postal stamps as ‘that’ in combination with ‘this’ , is the way to go! Better make sure someone films it to make a viral video featuring some nice out-of-this-world dance moves and enjoy/ explore/ live your life as free as a psychedelic bird! Meet up with your friend Lucy and enter through the portal of psyclopsidae over at the following link:

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