The Crytearions – These Songs Hate You

Artist: The Crytearions
Title: These Songs Hate You
Keywords: distortion, garage, new wave, punk

Surprises, who doesn’t love surprises? After a very short little dumb intro the surprise starts when the Crytearions slam their guitars, start to revel their lyrics and us as listeners adjust the volume to a louder level! Surprise, surprise! It’s like receiving a late night gift wrapped in a ugly paper and out comes a hyperactive beautiful swan of ADHD awesomeness. The only one relaxed in the beginning killer tune ‘Dumb Us Down’ is the loopy back drop beat. It’s like the stable factor in a screwed up family, the only sober one to drive these crazy punk lads home into safety.

This is the shit, the stuff that gets the vans flipped over, crowds at a concerts stage diving and reviewers drooling while banging the head until a feeling of euphoria satisfies us all. What a tune, what a tune’ is all I can say. The riffs and the voice, it’s all nicely draped in buzz and fuzzy fuzz which in this case is a case of plus + plus!

Please, more, more, more of this! The Crytearions must have known that this reaction would pop up as they gladly supply more tracks for the well willing (and now super needy and greedy) pair of ears. The one that takes over is ‘Is Ray Ill’ which is a big reason for a ‘YES’ sign, holding up a plate with the number ’10’ in the air. We have another second beauty in the line up and if you can read the title of the track; you are able to sing along at a certain time. The vocals are clear, effective fun and the goes hand in hand with the colorful guitar riffs.

The President Of Costa Rica’ is a party track that asks for drinks that people in Costa Rica drink, something sunny and stimulating to engage in a dance with this short pleasant pleaser that even made the safety driver of the first track showing off a wilder side! Spunk it up!

I think the strongest strength of The Crytearions is that the fuzzy energetic guitars are being in absolute sync with the bands active vocals. It’s as if these two different factors are as equal as it can get which makes them different than most other bands that deliver in the hyperactive genre. Here neither the voice or the guitar is a side show to be walked upon, they are a solid thing making every sound together as one! And if one of those fellows do gets its own special way as in the end of ‘Pringles’ it’s a moment of success! More plates of ‘compliments’ are being hold up in the sky. Respect the surprises and feel the hype being hyped up. We are not going to back down with enthusiasm, so you better get used to it.

Jerry was a taxidermist’ throws in another festive party mood, it almost comes across Irish in some way. I guess it’s like a speedy drinking song in which Irish Whiskey is being able to be flushed down and absorbed in the liver at great speed. I might be wrong, but if you happen to be in Ireland and hear this tune; try this combination of music and Irish speed drinking out.

The surprising surprises don’t seem to stop as ‘the 7 habits of highly defective people’ don’t loose it’s grip on the party vibe and yet sound different in attitude. It’s probably in the lyrics as this song is one of self acceptance without all the sentimental bullcrap you would normally hear. This is extremely positive and feels a bit like ‘ do your own thing and be happy about it’. Positive attitude sometimes prevails extremely well in a uptempo song it seems.

Freaks and friends will endorse the ‘No escaping’ tune too, yet again a mental outbreak that feels as accepting the shit that we are all in and simply making the best out of it! Great guitar fun is captured and unleashed here. The punk vibration in ‘this is not a conspiracy’ also comes nice to live and becomes a clear favorite of mine. Not that it matters as this whole album is short enough to claim it as one gigantic ball of favorable favorites.

I mean.. Another favorite among the favorite surprises is ‘I don’t want to know what I know’ which spice it all up one more time for ultimate head flipping to make sure to go out with a killer. I really love the subliminal melody by plucking the strings of the guitar.. It’s the better kind ‘f#ck you’ than a bombastic expected end.

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