DogCookingEggs – Cat Pizza

Artist: DogCookingEggs
title: Cat Pizza
keywords: noise, chiptune, 8-bit, experimental
cat: #127
label: Dramacore

Dog Cooking Eggs has not only cooking egg skills, but also knows its way around with the chiptunish funk that makes Cat Pizza’s so great and tasty. A little bit of salt, a spice called ‘Setonix’, add some friendly rolling drums and feel the water add up in your mouth from the tasty prospects.

When the Cat Pizza is in the oven things might get very excited. For you, but also for your ‘Pussy^2’. Exciting smells are received as the stuff is being heated up for your pleasure; bringing hyper breaks along the way making the time move quicker than the cooking’s clock originally intended.

Time to munch and eat the Cat Pizza but not before inviting our good friend the cannibalistic friendly ‘Space Cat’. It brings its electric good but paranoid meowing from its home planet as a gift and an empty stomach ready to be filled up with everyone’s favorite gift of life.

The ‘House Has Slugs’ but that is no problem for ‘Dog Cooking Eggs’ as it just happens that these house slugs are a perfect side order while relaxed eating this legendary Cat Pizza. Just lick ‘em and lick ‘em real good. You see the house slugs are like a delicatessen that melt in the mouth especially with a pre-layer of salt on the tongue. The vibe is calm, relaxed and delicious.

More laid back as a guest to eat Cat Pizza with is the always active sounding ‘Clench Clydey’. Wherever this one goes, it brings expressive beats, cool synthesis and a nice drill for active enjoying together. Have a nice meal!

After enjoying the Cat Pizza its good to take a little break. This can be done with the avant-garde piece that is relaxing, a bit like listening to a strangely orchestrated field recording that will give everyone enough time to digest with ease.

But.. As expected after eating Cat Pizza made by a Dog Cooking Eggs’ we might end up with a urging need to run to the toilet for a meet-up with the so called ‘Shit Rocket’.  It’s one of the good smoother ones, almost no toilet paper necessary.

After having experienced the complete ritual of prepairing, eating and toileting its again time for a good break. Mind you, not a break beat but a final moment of relaxation. Perhaps a moment for a quick sip of wine as ‘The Siren Draft’ slips out of the window before even waving goodbye.

Get your Dog Cooking Eggs’s Cat Pizza experience over here:

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1 Response to DogCookingEggs – Cat Pizza

  1. Linda says:

    That piece of the CAT-o-logue of Dramacore is not as aggressive as it appears on the cover. Very nice one to listen at work. (yeah, I am sorting out some SFW reviews and try to catch up a bit with making comments… I haven’t been able to combine work and yikis for a while)

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