Vandalaze – Fax Head Said (video)

Artist: Vandalaze
title: Fax Head Said (video)
keywords: ebm, electronic, techno, funk, industrial, leftfield, slimewave, synthpop, vaporwave, Sareamento
label: Slime Trax
words by: Anna Nonymous

It’s retrospective time, a flash back to the eighties, a disco electro memory made in this age and time by nobody less than ‘Vandalaze’. The video features next to Pee Wee Herman providing the wise-cracking impressive vocals as well as fancy clocks, eighty patters, cactuses, games, colors, a rubber chicken and a mouse, a weightlifting Vandalaze striking poses in his jacket and of course (most importantly) music! Let’s turn back time while still staying in the future and enjoy the modern sound and visualization of the emulated eighties:

This is the official video for ‘Fax Head Said’ which can be obtained from the ‘Dog Jerk’ EP as a limited edition CD/comic zine combo or as a digital download at the following link:

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