Boycunt – Boycunt

^ Excuse YIKIS. because we are a family friendly page some censoration had been applied to the cover art.

Artist: Boycunt
Title: Boycunt
Cat: ITIS9
Keywords: noise, harsh noise, power electronics, experimental
Label: Mastoiditis Recordings
Reviewer: Audio Hater

After a little bit of teasing the dying electronic cat of squealing noise starts to flute, purr, play and disturb the surroundings; like a bagpipe on crack stuck in someone’s behind. Nope, it doesn’t sound muffled, it does sound quite provocative, a bit hairy as if you stick your ears in a bear trap and the rusty teeth gnarl not only on the outside of the ears but also know how to perforate the insides. It’s a bit like dealing with a piece of poisonous candy floss.

This is not at all the stuff to lick and like, but is a rather daring self-titled noise work that is rusty and hungry.
It’s like a hungry opening that swallows up silence as if it’s a hole that needs to be filled.
Half way of this short (7 minute) sound expression, the release gets wilder like a steel puppy ready to rip the internals apart.

What the hell? How is this done? Why does this resemble an old school dial up modem that simply goes berserk in hotness? Nobody knows and nobody cares; it’s noise. It’s the noise! Kids love it, that talkative ‘black flag’ dude said it was cool, that it was this generation’s punk of the future.. What’s that? No ‘oi oi’ no guitars?

The sound of a electronic something resembling a cry from a screaming pig. The noise show must go on; the nonsense has to go forward in showcasing its finest microscopic torture that sometimes comes across as solo riffs produced on a terrorized calculator that burns its own internal circuits. It functions as a space teleport machine morphing into wild smooth alien frequencies that go from ‘plastic’ in shape, to sharp pulsating electrodes that could be considered to be of a painful kind.

Is it comfortable? Not really. Is it active? Very active. Stimulating? Yes.. I guess it is. But let’s just keep it as a wild active noise that is quite noisy. That dude said it’s cool, so we should oblige and bend down to show our own gates of hell and fart out a little link that directs you straight to this little dirty pleasure for your thrill seeking hungry for noise ears. Open wide as here it comes:

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