Lucas Brode & Bubba Crumrine – ‘doggone’ // Shedding Those 11ft Wings

artists: Lucas Brode & Bubba Crumrine
title: ‘doggone’ // Shedding Those 11ft Wings
keywords: ambient, avant-garde, expérimental, guitar, rock, noise, New York
reviewer: Mad Damon

This text is about a split between two artists. As not to confuse anyone, I would like to go through the tracks donated by a artist named Lucas Brode:

Casablanca del Pooch’ is a bit like listening to a iron spoon in a noiseless washing machine in drying mode. There the spoon goes round and round in circles; cling clong cling. Experimental music at its finest.

With the track ‘Flash Cards’ it’s a different cake. Now the spoon is replaced by a guitar or perhaps the complete artist with guitar. Tumbling around and around drying the strings, clothes and hair while lots of fiddling guitar sounds come out of the lid. When the noiseless tumbling of the dry mode stops for a little break; the guitar gets played in a more reasonable normal tempo. It’s proof that it’s both artist and the guitar in the washing machine! The program isn’t finished and the noiseless washing mashing in drying mode tumbles it’s content in the other direction.

More quick ‘pling plong’ guitar sounds escape the machine as the artist and guitar are being thrown around and around until dry and bruised. That’s the risk of experimental music, you never know when it’s going to hurt or not. Luckily for the listeners at home it is a easy to listen session; no need to sit yourself in a dryer or a washing machine…

A little error with the washing machine made the device stop to early before everything is dry enough to be put on its destination. A plumber needs to come to get our friendly artist and his guitar out of the machine. A sad music can be heard to highlight the pair being stuck, but glad to see the face of a day saving plumber.

At ‘Pharmacy Wars’ it is clear the the artist holds on tight into his guitar while hanging on the clothesline. The sun shines on both the artist and his guitar friend generating a happy feeling that is being expressed by the artist fingering the strings of the guitar in a sunny and exciting tempo.

A strange moment in the music expression of the duo of guitar and artist comes to live when ‘doggone’ is heard. It’s as if ‘dog’ was the name of the now defunct washing machine and the realization of it being not fixable sets a dramatic music in action. Dog is gone to heaven, time to buy a new washing machine…

Happy to hear that this is not a problem as you can simply tell by listening to ‘the sun is exploding again’ that the drying mode on the washing machine was not needed as the weather temperature is hot enough to let the artist and his guitar dry out happily in the sun with a high success rate.

With ‘cut feet, wet teeth’ it’s clear that the artist had drank a lot if strong coffee before going for the washing machine session. Here the friend still plays his guitar as if he is still hyper from tumbling in the drying mode. His finger tickle the strings of his guitar in hyper speed to produce sunny nervous sounds..

Ah?! No way?! After all the hassle of trying to get him and his guitar dry.. We can hear him and his guitar sitting in a soapy foam bath getting wet again. ‘Oh, what a world’!

From here it’s time to switch to the music of another artist. The name is Bubba Crumrine and the rest of this text will be all about his donated tracks from this split with the washing matching & guitar lover Lucas Brode.

Bubba’s ‘Chandelle’ has the mood of that face featured on the painting ‘the scream’ humming a bit bewildered with open mouth like a experimental choir that sounds quite the expression vocal wise. In fact I think it’s quite amazing to get a complete choir out of one single persons voice. Chapeau!

The next track that suddenly kicks in whiteout warning is ‘Desquamation’. It’s a high noise that made me think of a neighbor drilling a hole in the wall and a a wife that screams louder than the drill because there are already too many holes in the wall. It’s pretty wild and expressive…

And the other track that follows (pets) is quite the effective one too. It’s like the artist has been keeping the beastie boys as pets and has been feeding them a diet of bath salts and has now let them lose to commit some rampage in the street. From soft throwing and teasing furniture to completely mashing the neighborhood up.

Iridescent & Gold’ has a industrial poetic flow to it, performed on stuff from a tool shed and featuring words that are out to be taken serious.

The last track by Bubba is ‘acme’ it features nice deep synthesizer breeze that might indicate towards and upcoming storm. A lethal fact that indeed takes place and starts to blast the area away like the house of Dorothea in the wizard of Oz. This fine electronic noise goes for some good rampage and it kept my speakers buzzing and thrilling along the way…

Bubba Crumrine and Lucas Brode’s tracks side of the split are very different from each-other in style and form, but their love for experimentation keeps them together.
In fact this split actually feels (and probably is) as two different EP’s , simply combined which is a good concept if you know that this collection will be released as a Tape.
At the moment the tape is still in the make, but I’m sure it will pop up at the following link when it is ready for your greedy tape player: (this is also the place to be if you want to hear and get those tracks as digital goodies..)

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