Clockwork Orchestra – The Generator Girls (video)

geneartist: Clockwork Orchestra
title: The Generator Girls (video)
keywords: alternative, electronic, rock, crazy, folk, electroacoustic, weird
label: Soft Bodies Record

Clockwork Orchestra is promoting its upcoming new album that will be available on the first of December. My ears have been spooning it up like something irresistible but wait to launch a full review until the whole thing is out and about. But as it would be useless to start talking about something without the ability to hear something; I’ve got good news for you!

Clockwork Orchestra just released a fantastic video animation for a song featured on the upcoming album. It’s a song named ‘The Generator Girls’ which corresponds greatly with the imaginative lyrics. I always thought that we would be the crazy ones here, but in the case of this artistic audio/visual work we might be feeling slightly more in sync with normality.

The music video for this song makes the lyrics in one way more understandable, but yet by literally visualizing the lyrics the happy sounding music and fun looking animation, gets a serious psychopathic vibe over it.
A generator girl destroys her own wedding dress, another one burns the butter-cake (which is unforgiveable!) , some fail by eating or drinking something poisonous..
It’s a song about the generator girls that seemingly are a whole collection of machine made girls that all seem to fail the relation test of sanity. One by one are thrown back into pieces and end up in the recycling sector.
Of course these girls aren’t real, they are like that eighties movie in which these two dudes try to make their perfect girl. (Like a retro flashy team of young Frankensteins..)

But still; real or not, the cartoonish music video in which hands, heads, legs and other body parts of these failing generator girls are being dumped by the masses to return back on the market as souvenirs or funfair prizes, is quite the gruesome story for the mentally insane.. Too bad, Halloween just departed, but for others; it’s Halloween all year round! In any way a good choice for a song to use as a prevocational promotion video for the upcoming Clockwork Orchestra album!
Let’s get the hype going and the music pumping, and in the meantime don’t look in the basement of Clockwork Orchestra for body parts, but do check out this video:

For more Clockwork Orchestra please browse to the official website:
or visit the label that will release this song among others on the soon-to-be-released album ‘A Fish For A Heart’ out in December:

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