The Cryovolcano – 010

Artist: The Cryovolcano
title: 010
keywords: lobit, electronic, electropop, industrial, instrumental, dance, melodic, low bit, catchy, robot, revolution, lo-fi, analogue, electro, pop, underground, cryovolcano, alternative
label: L0BIT
reviewer: Spicki Lee Jones (the hamster)

Eep eep eep. Eep eep eep eep eep Cryovolcano. Eep eep The eep.
Eep eep eep, eep eep eep eep.
Eep eep! Eep eep eep ! Cryovolcano eep eep , eep eep ‘eep’ eep! Eep? Eep eep!
Eep eep eep. Eep eep, eep Cryovolcano eep.eep1Eep eep eep. Eep! Eep eep eep eep. Eep The Cryovolcano eep!
Eep eep eep 010. Eep 001 eep 002, 003, eep 004, eep eep 009..
eep eep eep? 010! Eep eep!!eep2Eep eep? Eep eep eep. Eep eep eep! Eep *eep eep* eep.
(eep eep eep) Eep, eep eep… Eep eep eep. Eep eep.

Eep. eep eep? Eep eep eep. Eep! eep eep!!
eep5Eep eep OK eep. Eep eep! Eep, Cryovolcano eep Eep. Eep eep eep eep!

^ eep eep eep.

^ eep eep eep.

Eep eep 010 eep, eep eep:
<Spicki Lee Jones>

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3 Responses to The Cryovolcano – 010

  1. Linda says:

    Yes, I have it downloaded too! Fits in any hamster cage, even my house full of boxes, the erruption of Super Sexy Sound Scape Shit! Even downloaded the mega zip 001 – 009 and have it often running. Somehow there are breaks with emptiness and then mysteriously a new piece starts. Been too lazy to figure out whether it is a problem with encoding or just many non-music files being processed by VLC (that results in a 10 second silence per file but I think it is encoding after all because the breaks can take up to like 20 minutes I think).

    Good you bring it under the attention again mr s.p. Jones!! Not enough people have to pleasure their (r)ears (that typo I found funny so I left it in sortof) to this release.

  2. The Cryovolcano says:

    Dear Linda,

    I am thrilled you’ve been enjoying the Cryovolcano. Whether it belongs in the rears or ears is entirely a matter of taste. The original releases were encoded with a variety of arcane and occult processes, so for your convenience here is a version of 001-009 that may find more functional. [Note that one track, which may appear silent, is actually the resonant frequency of the human eyeball at maximum volume.]

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    Thanks for listening!



    • Linda says:

      It must be that bouncy eyeball! I will look at it with more intensity than before, to be able to hear those fine movements. 😉

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