Artist: ZOFFF
title: ZOFFF 1
keywords: ZOFFF, experimental, other, psychedelic, United Kingdom

ZOFFF are an emergent experimental psychedelic band from the south coast of England.

Members of ZOFFF include; Chris Anderson on bass and organ ~ Crayola Lectern, La Momo. Bic Hayes, guitar ~ Dark Star, Levitation, Cardiacs. Al Strachan, synth, electronics, trumpet ~ Sons Of Noel And Adrian, Mary Hampton. Damo Waters, drums and percussion ~ CLOWWNS, The Electric Soft Parade.

ZOFFF 1 is more than half an hour of ZOFFF. In the ZOFFF beginning it tricks by pretending to be a chaotic improvisational ZOFFF kind of happening, but it presumably was just a little ZOFFF introduction as ZOFFF kicked in a solid road of a complete different ZOFFF direction. Super tight ZOFFF drums are being hurried out while the other ZOFFF band members (and apparently guest ZOFFF appearances..) add a much more rehearsed ZOFFF vibe to the ZOFFF production.

It mostly hangs on a darker ZOFFF theme, a ZOFFF kind of bass that meets all the checkpoints of the pleasure list. As progression of the ZOFFF band goes; a ZOFFF guitarist can be heard losing things up and greatly plays it’s instrument on top like a ZOFFF prayer coming from a mosque’s tower spreading ZOFFF vibes all over the rest of the dark but energetic ZOFFF bottom line. It in general has a flight of a crow kind of feeling, black, a bit gnarling, edgy and still ethically ZOFFF.

When the ZOFFF drum rolls slower and eventually stops with its use of the kick and snare, the rest of the ZOFFF music friends seems to get more show time to come out and do their own ZOFFF thing. A psychedelic sweet process of ZOFFF begins that could be compared to the good moments of a ‘the doors’ concert whiteout the organ but other ZOFFF elements to become just as trip-worthy.

Do we hear a cute ZOFFF flute? The ZOFFF notes of a chilled out happy ZOFFF synthesizer? A electric ZOFFF guitar tickling the night sky? To be honest it’s here where the ZOFFF music is making you lose track of time. A much more relaxed ZOFFF beat inserts it’s ZOFFF thing and the mind can go berserk in thinking what it all is or just go with the flow of ZOFFF to enjoy the psychedelic music’ progression.

This is the ZOFFF moment of jumping in the field, dancing naked to the ZOFFF synthesizer melodies, tumbling to the ZOFFF trumpet in pure ZOFFF ecstasy, flubbing the eye balls in odd ZOFFF colors induced by actively bopping the head from horizontal to vertical ZOFFF position.

The ZOFFF music has transformed from the dark ZOFFF beginning into a jolly good happy uplifting ZOFFF happening and nobody can explain how this transition has been done and nobody should care! The roof of ZOFFF is lifted, our bodies should be adjusted to feel exciting ZOFFF happiness that shoots all darkness towards another ZOFFF planet…

A planet that we end up through mysterious ways later as this ZOFFF release simply isn’t finished in its adventure. The great thing of ZOFFF is its way of transitions to different ZOFFF zones and other ZOFFF moods. It’s like a ZOFFF mind trip that goes from angry ZOFFF or dark ZOFF to happy ZOFFF and bright ZOFFF to sweet ZOFFF and ritualistic ZOFFF.

It’s the obvious conclusion that ZOFFF 1 is one for the people into real instruments played ZOFFF psychedelia and that all who loves ZOFFF will not be disappointed in getting all the ZOFFF that is needed to leave your ZOFFFing head for a visit to ZOFFF-land. Get ZOFFF and be one with ZOFFF 1 at the following ZOFFF link:


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1 Response to ZOFFF – ZOFFF 1

  1. Linda says:

    Bring on ZOFFF 2! Very nice soundpiece ❤

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