Haiiyuuko – Post noise

Artist: Haiiyuuko
Title: Post noise
Cat: Plataforma 105
Keywords: noise, experimental
Label: Plataforma Recs

Haiiyuuko is from Japan, a country that revolutionized creativity into absurd proportions. It’s the land of game shows that you don’t want to be a contestant in.. I imagine it as a beautiful place, a paradise for the weird with everybody being nice and polite.

Haiiyuuko seems to be living there with a strange tension. The artist’s work sounds a bit angry perhaps. Is there something we imaginative foreigners don’t know about? A well kept hidden secret unavailable at the information corner at your local travel agency?

Haiiyuuko’s post-noise has these psychopathic antics that is yet calm and polite as expected, but at the same time strangling its own takes on music to death. A soft furry glove is perhaps used to do the trick, but still the result is one that makes me feel like it’s a thrilling date with something that comes out of anger or a certain frustration. Don’t get me wrong; it’s done with class, style, sophistication and creativity but let’s say that it gets it’’s job well done.

So here is a free release in which the artist brings us the slow death of contemporary music. Ultra polite the contemporary music is brought in and the avant-garde classy piano is slowly lowered into a basin of poison. Very dramatic and slow death cheered by an audience dribbled in soft abstract paranoia noises.

The second piece brings a odd take to the speakers in which some kind of fight between Russian avant-garde and the contemporary one of Japan seem to happen. It’s a odd but exciting happening in which noise gets beaten up by funk, hand played tickles, screaming propaganda, country folk & j-pop poop.. harsh distortion will be the clear winner at the end, but it’s to me unclear which country it is coming from..

Than the music gets even weirder in the sound department. The title of the track is ‘‚R AIt is disliked and he is a person! Banzai!’ Which doesn’t seem to help me, to know what is being expressed here. What I do know is that it’s quite the eccentric form of bizarreness that mixes really likable experimental sounds, classical music, strange mysterious folk flutes with modern arts and blasts of unexpected noise, some slight radio interference. It’s a audio collage that is probably best describable as rather weird. It’s pleasurable but keeps you on the edge as any moment a psychopath can come out to destroy all that you will love of this music.

I would like to meet. I would like to meet you. Is not me expressing that I would like to meet you, but in fact the title of the last music piece on this eccentric sound collage show. I’m not sure if the feeling is mutual as it seems that no one is saved or untouchable in this artistic realm of sound. From the ‘we will rock you’ anthem to sweet guitar playing; they all get a nasty kind of treatment that makes me feel as if I’m listening to the inside of a brain of someone suffering from a heavy psychotic episode.

It is damn interesting and entertaining, but meeting up just seems to be asking for a problem or a future appearance in a later release done by this serious master of sound manipulation. It’s better than watching a game show or a cheap horror flick and probably deserves your attention much more than them.

But be warned that ones you think the music by Haliyuuko starts to sound friendly and nice it might be just the silence before the storm strangling your speakers with that soft glove of politeness and anger. Quite the thrill really!
Sounds interesting? Than please click this link for polite strangulation:

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