Material Action – Tears In Spring

Artist: Material Action
title: Tears In Spring
keywords: electronic, pop, crunkgaze, ghost, folk, post-whatever, saucer step, trianglecore, New York,
label: escc9

Because today is our Holliday this will probably the first and the last review (with exception of a Japanese artist passing through) of the day available here. Tomorrow we will be back all tanned, slightly over baked with a possible hangover; but for now still pure and sane and unfortunately as pale as obamas butt. But don’t worry, we’ll leave the premises with a single key in the form of music that should keep you occupied and excited for the day.

The key is actually a link at the bottom of this (so called) review, but if you click it ‘a door’ will open and behind it the brand new album of electronic duo Material Action will give you a hug. If you don’t know them by now; shame on you! But if you do know them; you might be running up and down happily with your hands in the air of excitement! It doesn’t happen very often that a brand new Material Action album pops up for your enjoyment so the inflicted adrenaline rush isn’t an odd happening when hearing this good news.

What is interesting of this newest album is that this new Material Action album has a lot of guests featured. This must be a new direction and for sure makes the album a more sociable happening.
But I bet you are sick of all these words but no action, so let’s talk about the actual content that can be heard on this material.

The album starts beautifully with a mood setting beautiful electronic atmospheric track named ‘everything is beautiful’. A wise chosen title track that does the music justice. It’s a full on Material Action track that has everything that the duo is famous for: great synthesizer melodies, moody sweetness, dreamy vocals, beautiful electronica elements that sounds to me as being in a positive cloud in which rainbow bridges are built to other clouds. I also feel that this is the dreamy beautiful place in which all the unicorns have been hanging out. It’s a good location to watch sparking stars and of course enjoy the lovely deep music.

The next song is ‘Terra et Pompeii’ which keeps this pretty and dreamy atmosphere. The electronica is clearly done as analogue as possible which gives it a very fine organic feeling. The voice is one with the music and the drum is smooth as silk. (Got to love silk, right?)

To me as a loyal follower and Material Action membership fan-club money collector, I feel the first two tracks come across as very positive. Not that the earlier albums weren’t of a positive kind, but there could also some punk or Doom and gloom be spotted; now without losing its identity; it simply comes across more relaxed and… Positive!
It’s like a bag of heavy material has been dropped from ‘material Action’ a back to make way for a bit of freedom and even rest.

Even ‘burned forever’ sounds very lovely and lovable. It’s perhaps talking about that rug sack of heaviness that they now burned away to make room for relaxed shoulders, fresh air and very warm and pleasant vibrations of music. It is strange as the track obviously has an experimental element with its rhythm but it gave me a very warm feeling inside. Something joyful has been found and it’s like sparkling light available to be found within this music piece.

The first guest is ‘Antonetta’ on an awesome nifty song named ‘the tower’. It is difficult for me to give it the right words of Justice as when something is so good there aren’t enough words available to describe things. The melody and the all-round vibe has a very pleasant temperature to it. The vocals here are very different than the earlier heard material and for some reason they made me think of early deep he mode and (even better) Gary Numan before the cars hit. This is a most pleasant attribute to the album as that version of Gary is greatly missed, and now with this track it is clear that we don’t need him anymore as Material Action and special guest are doing such a great job. The melodic music, the groove.. It is like a refreshing beverage of a blue tonic color; pretty and tasty!

The track named ‘ruins’ features a guest star named ‘True’ . The music is a nice progression of avant-garde moving into industrial tribal music with a poetic word flow on top. You can hear the love for percussion and dark synthesizer tones. It’s the darkest track yet, but because it’s filled with art it doesn’t feel made of doom.

Mind green skies & the dream where I died’ is a little moment of winning wonder, a sparkle of golden dust brought from a dream and taken away abruptly like a alarm clock does in the morning.

Then it’s time for the ultimate positive vibes ever heard from this electronica duo. It’s my personal favorite on the album as everything seems to be perfect. It is called ‘this is love’ which is possibly the best explanation why this tune is full of butterfly’s flapping their beautiful patterned wings in the stomach and just feels absolutely happy and lovable. Very bright melody and a perfect beat with warm pure vocals that carry the love as a great expression. Lovely!

Eyes Opened features guest star Sick J Dormag and sounds the most in the corners of a marriage of acid pop and alternative electro funk. It’s very groovy, bright and lose melodies that are met up with the irresistible dance flow that gives way for excellent electro solos that are simply rocking this world. And that’s just the beginning as the track will lift up with a prominent and energetic fresh sounding beat that will get you hooked and rocking!

Super star Dan Kilmartin also makes a guest appearance and this event happens on a track named Ghosts. The track has the groove, the depth of funky rolling baselines and a very active alternative industrial vibe. From the excellent vocals to the active smacking beats and depth of the electronic wickedness; this is a killer tune which would be awesome to hear performed live in the underground catacombs.

‘Eyes closed’ is a more relaxed electronica track that has a dreamy feeling over it. The choice of sound is warm and pleasant. For some reason it made me think of Aphex twin licking windows (probably because of the vocals used in here) , but this thought gets whipped out by moving the track a level up and inserting a bit of extra volume for a adrenaline kick. The ending is perfect to come to rest and endorse more beauty-like things. A falling super star with a tail of glitter dust..

Than a very pleasant piece named ‘faded (space twist) which goes for the rhythmic exposure that cannot infect you with funky groove. My toes, legs, arms and even upper and under lips are feeling it. Funkiness with electronic blue freshness that you can’t resist to love and move too.

Babies in White’ features the last guest star which is Sabrina
Pacella’. The work is very beautiful and almost tricks the ears into thinking that they are dealing with a work done by Enya. But when the electric exciting material action drum programming and pleasant bass are inserted; it’s a total pleasure as well as a huge relief.

The last track is one for the dance floor. It’s named ‘islands’ and would be a great B side of the ‘This is love’ hit single. A great rolling groove and very pretty and wise sounding synthesizer melody gives this the edge that all Material Action fans (new and old) will dive in with love!

All in all it’s a great album and a great honorable pleasure to give you finally the key that you’ll need to unravel the brand new Material Action album. Enjoy and spread the word and the love:

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