David Somló – Movement

artist: David Somló
title: Movement
keywords: experimental, field recording, guitar, improvisational, soundscape, London
reviewer: Mark X

David Somló is a Hungarian guitarist / composer and if that isn’t enough to impress you; also a sound artist. He is currently based in London and released recently a work named ‘Movement’. It’s available on CD or as a digital download and the artist suggest to listen with headphones, preferably outdoors and if it’s possible maybe while walking..

As rebellious as Yeah I Know It Sucks is we could only comply with the headphones part, laying down indoors with a little blanket covering the feet and you know what? It works very well too!
No distractions needed as the music is in itself good enough to do all the walking outside for you.
The advice is understandable as you can just hear that this is the music inspired by nature, complimenting every step you make, and even walking in urban locations would turn out pretty nice and different while listening to David Somló’s Movement.

Just to keep in touch with the concept I moved my body the other way around to find another comfortable position.
And it has to be said; moving around does indeed  give the experience of this music expression a greater experience. It’s very warm and has a nice experimental progression of parts all performed on a guitar, but done in original ways that are quite different than what you would expect when reading that it is the work of a guitarist. But then again there are also fieldrecordings and indeed touches of audio art to be heard..

In fact it has more the feel of a nature lover that uses his guitar as an instrument of communication. There are moments in which you can actually hear David Somló walking outside meeting the chirps of little friendly birds while soft muffled footprints leave a soft trail behind him. The guitar seems to compliment his surroundings in a relaxed or exciting matter. It’s a expressional approach that to me as a nonmoving listener comes across as extremely pleasant listening material. It is great music to hear after a late night out with a battered brain and when in drastic need for comfortable music to chill out with.

It is indeed advisable to go out and get some fresh air once in a while and perhaps the next Sunday walk through the local park or something else nice and green, could be enriched if you bring ‘Movement’ by David Somló with you on the journey.  Or you can just (like me) stay at home, put the music up, lay down as relaxed as possible and simply let the music do all the moving for you. This is the perfect dose of relaxedness that might induce dreams in which you actually do go for a walk, without actually having to do the real deal (as you are sleeping).

The conclusion is that this ‘Movement’ release is just a pleasure to hear for the lazy as well as for the more active moving walkers in life.  You can listen and obtain a copy at the following link:

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1 Response to David Somló – Movement

  1. Linda says:

    It also works very well when you are seated on your bum!

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