Norwood Grimes – Breathe Properly (video)

plArtist: Norwood Grimes
title: Breathe Properly
keywords: experimental, video, cheap home recording, lo-fi, weird,
reviewer: Willem van O.

Norwood Grimes music video captures a terrible sight of someone being trapped inside the screen. This must be an act of evolution, or perhaps a spirit of someone who died when watching too much television. The visual entrapment fits the music like a hand inside a fitting glove and a pair of feet inside a pair of fitting socks.  The track exposed in this video clip is named ‘Breathe Properly, which in this case applies to the poor soul trapped in the screen, and perhaps our own breathing.
Hear and watch the poor soul for yourself:

If this isn’t intriguing enough, you might be happy to know that this track has many other friends that you can hear. Norwood Grimes got a Bandcamp full of music to explore, but the closest friends and ‘Breathe Properly’ herself can all be obtained when getting the digital album named ‘Jewskin Lamp v2.0.’  It’s this prominent album in which Norwood Grimes gained the reputation of being an excellent spoon on glass of water tapper, whistler and mic tapper. But if you hear the album in its complete shape and form, it’s a real revelation in the realms of experimental gentleness.
Each track feels as if you are meeting a character from a strange and bizarre world, humoristic, a bit cuckoo, sweet, eccentric, sexy too..

It’s a nice mix of human-made expressions of fantasy individuals coming straight from the imaginative mind of Norwood Grimes, all popping up for an appearance that will make you wonder, and perhaps at times even scratch your head.. But in general (with perhaps the exception of the trapped friendly person in the screen of the video clip) they all sound like nice and friendly friends to meet up with. They are waiting for you  (trust me its much better than watching television with the risk of getting trapped or brain fried yourself..) So come and meet up with the individuals of Norwood Grimes! Trust me, they will invite you for a dance when the ‘Pink Box Moustache’ opens and you’ll miss everyone when the album is finished.

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