Origami Repetika – 2 high fidelity songs 4 headphones

Artist: Origami Repetika
tittle: 2 high fidelity songs 4 headphones
keywords: love, electronica, experimental, ambient, subtleness, repetitive drums and bass, love music.
label: Happy Puppy Records http://members.shaw.ca/happypuppyrecords/
reviewer: Loverboy

Hello, I’m your reviewer ‘Loverboy’…
Before I’m going into a rampage of love, it might be a good idea to copy & paste the official information that could be read on its release page:

“These are two tracks I recently finished before taking a break for the rest of 2011 as my new wife and I are getting a place of our own right after christmas… I had a good time adding ambientish subtleties on top of my repetitive drums and bass.”

The first track “one two 3 4” starts off as sounding like an experimental mic-in-track, the processed vocal textures and sweeping synths bounce all around your head; the b-side “love love what can you say love” is like a lost 80s remix (recommended if you’re familiar with The Legends Facts and Figures album).  It’s a groovy little single and we hope you enjoy it.

Well I guess I enjoyed it… Who cannot enjoy this?

Layers of true love on top of layers of beautiful love stapled above layers of sweet love & mixed with cute love from above. It’s something unheard, so much love being expressed in two single tracks and brought to the ears like warm clouds of even more love. It’s so much love that it feels totally overwhelming, but it’s in the good way; not choking or too sweet that it burns holes in the teeth… It’s love, alright. But its love upon love in the music way & brought to us by the one and only Origami Repetika.

What a lovable underground character is this, he brings his talent filled and mixed with worldly love and brings it as melodic love with vocals that sounds warm, lovable, lovely synths, pretty organic warm flows of pure love on love on top of love.

If you aren’t familiar with the music of the prolific and lovely underground superstar Origami Repetika you have been missing out.
But this release here just might be are ally great start to the amazing and lovable (and amazingly free to share and spread among loved ones) oeuvre of excellent lovable lovely music.

I guess listening to this as a first time encounter to Origami Repetika might even trigger some listeners to put on a detective hat and browse the internet for more music coming from this lovable music maker. My ears did not encounter any unlovable piece of this fine producer before but these two tracks here are pretty much an orgasm of love for the ears, but also from a heart to a heart..

I know talking about love might come across tacky or making some people run towards the puke bucket for some upcoming release of vomit, but it’s not that kind of love that is done here. I mean it’s done in a way that it isn’t cheesy. Which is quite amazing considering that hearing so much love at the same time without getting even close to cheesiness is as good as impossible and yet Origami Repetika has made the impossible possible!

The only reason that could explain this is that Origami Repetika is meaning every lovely note, every lovable synth sound, every love element in these love tracks that it’s not a fake (which makes cheesy) , but really made with real pure love from a magical source from within.

Yeah I know.. Sounds amazing, right? Too good to be true, eh?
You be the judge (and the jury) as you can hear and download these two love on love on love tracks by underground’s favorite lover Origami Repetika with your own heart and soul (and most importantly; a pair of ears!) over here:


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