Lezet – Dabblings 4

Artist: Lezet
title: Dabblings 4
keywords: home recordings, improvisation, piano, avant-garde, experimental
label: suRRism-Phonethics http://surrism.phonoethics.com/

“Lately my neighbours have been generating so much noise during the day that I had to wait until late at night to avoid capturing various outside noises and until I could safely break the silence of the night with my attempts at piano. Some would find the sounds of domestic disputes and pigs being slaughtered a clever addition to any piano track, but I kinda refrained from using those” – Igor Jovanovic

Igor Jovanovic is the artist better known for his work under the name ‘Lezet’. His latest release of hand played contemporary music done while avoiding the noisy neighbors is one that marks a special number in the music career of this music maker. This free downloadable album named ‘Dabblings 4’ is his 60th release!

Yes, sixty releases by Lezet is more than enough reasons to pop the champagne! Even one release would be enough reason, but sixty feels absolutely almost like an obligation to put up balloons and indulge in alcoholic bubbles. And the fun thing is that the sixties release is also the perfect soundtrack for a fine evening of sparkling champagne. The piano dabbling a have a experimental free jazz feel and flow that are as good as sparkling themselves.

Seriously, the Piano improvisations on Dabblings 4 are perfect for a night of luxury, atmospheric in delightfulness. It has a certain class over it but then again perfectly accessible to all layers of life. Lovely piano notes are swung in from slow to pretty, from grand to more rough around the edges. But the general feeling is one of an evening in style, you can come and listen in the shape of who you are; but I almost feel that wearing a evening dress or a suit with a bow tie would give it the extra dimension listening’s wise.

It is an celebration, a event celebrating the work that has been done by Lezet so far, and also one to celebrate the future prospects of more music coming from this experimental composer, artist and underground established figure.
With the music of Lezet he always makes sure never to repeat himself, which makes it even more reason to enjoy and join in the 60th anniversary music zone as who knows what the next release will be?

Future punk?

For now uncork your bubbling finest liquids, wear your Sunday costume and engage your ears in this fine classy piano music created by the ever so talented Igor Jovanovic:

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