Chris Silver T – Last Day Damage View

artist: Chris Silver T
title: Last Day Damage View
cat: GFR, 083
keywords: field recordings, fieldrecordings, sound composition, Greece
label: Green Field Recordings

Chris Silver T was I believe a drummer but seemed to have gone through experimental roads more and more for a dive in the fieldrecordings genre. It turns into a obsession perhaps, which in his turn comes out as multiple material that we as a listener can hear, as if we go out for a walk with the artist and hear (hopefully) the same as the recorder heard on its recording journey.

With his latest chapter in the fieldrecording business Chris Silver T comes across as someone who looks through his ears and observes the place like a tourist that enjoys the scenery of a cozy sounding village center. We can hear a slightly odd piece of music coming from the bells of a church and of course the sound of someone working with a loud machine to disturb the left over silence of a nice and calm day.

After that the unanimous shared favorite field recorders subject : ‘the rain’ makes a lengthy appearance.
You can say what you want between the subject of ‘birds’ and ‘rain’ it’s obvious and clear that rain is much more effective. It does not only create this feeling of coziness most of us can appreciate, it also knows how to shut up the annoyance of the worker with his noisy machine.

Scared of a little rain, eh?
Scared your machine will rust, eh?

Even the church bells have stopped; making the ‘raindrops’ the hero that saved the day. All this action is recorded by Chris Silver T who clearly isn’t afraid of rain, workers or church bells; a attitude that makes him a perfect case of a drummer turned fearless fieldrecorder.

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