Midget Sings – Worldwide Lobotomy

Artist: Midget Sings
title: Worldwide Lobotomy
keywords: electronic, ambient, experimental, noise, dance, electro, lobotomy
label: vwyrd wurd http://www.vwyrdwurd.com/
reviewer: Willem van O.

Welcome to a little writing considering ‘Worldwide Lobotomy’ by Midget Sings.
First of all you might take some joy in the fact that this is not about actual lobotomy and that there is no singing midget involved. Not that it would be a bad thing to have a singing midget, but in this case the music on its own is already enough to be flabbergasted with. No lobotomy needed as we are probably already fried by radiation coming from our addiction to modern handheld phones.

But what is this album than? It’s a great one, full of little remarkable miracles. It begins (as all magnificent albums do) with a ‘Ancient Sacrifice’. The eyes don’t need to see the ordeal, but the music variant is like a foreplay needed to make the rest of the album into the realms of awesomeness. Here a deep low sentiment is being dragged in with a percussion intro of ancient bongos. The sacrifice is complete when the spirit of dance music begins to hum like a throat singer with enough skill for continues nose breathing.

Now that we are ready it’s time for the first miracle to happen. Midget Sings’ does this under the title name ‘How To Dance Without Legs’, which is simply said the dance music you should play to the legless to see the magical capabilities live in action. There might be no legs; but arms, limps, ears and eyes will dance to the funky electronic moves. Success is guaranteed and even if the bodies are still intact; this track will be able to do some serious magic on the dance floor.  Get your funk on and embrace the robot moves inside of you to come out for a fine dance show case.

The next best thing of magic miracles is to see smoke appear in the mirror without actually smoking. Don’t be afraid though, it’s probably just to heath from your body when endulging in the trip friendly ‘Smoking Mirror’ track. It has the laidback groove that can’t be stopped in making listeners move in a cool but hot way. (Explaining the smoke..) And next to the untouchable rhythm it also has some very fine melody that for some reason made me think of ‘Aladdin and the wonderful lamp’. Don’t ask me why… it must be another miracle!

The groovy music continues its path of miracles as the music made for opening the third ‘eye’ makes a great appearance. Beams of light, absurdity synthesizes come in and out like laser lights before giving a little hint of the chaka khan times. A laid back mysterious form of dance music sends us out through the visual projections to see you dancing in front of yourself. This without the use of the mirror is quite the accomplishment. The baseline in ‘eye’ is probably the secret ingredient to make this happening into one of enjoyment and not into freakery.

From miracles to more miracles, this ‘Worldwide Lobotomy’ album is full of them. Next thing you will find yourself from dancing in your cellar all the way out there in the not so popular vacation spot: Syria. You can scream of joy or perhaps make a sound of being in a bad acid trip; but just see it as a happening that will make you cherish the fact that some vacations do really start when you manage to get back home in all safety and comfort. You can say what you want, but have to admit that nobody would expect to go camping in Syria while just listening to a album by Midget Sings, right?

Another experience is ‘Spanish Inquisition On Ice’ which is advicable to hear with the volume control button all the way up for the right amount of enjoyment. It’s a deep work, very calm and mysterious in atmosphere. It comes across as being close to the ground, to the holy floor in which life has set its first footprints on this planet. A mythical revelation that will make you want to stop breathing so you can hear the inquisition on ice even better.

Of course after experiencing all these pleasant miracles, it’s a good moment for Midget Sings to take us out for a refreshing beverage made up of a ‘Mango’. To compliment this relaxing moment funky music is being played, energetic percussions, friendly funny acid blubs, house pianos and nice synthesizer tones are all brought together for a happy moment of pure ‘Mango’ happiness. It feels so goooood!

Of course it’s time for more miracles.. And there is no better man to do such a thing than walking water/water into wine hero ‘Jesus’ . Here he magically visits Florida. We can stand in our gospel uniforms on the side line and swing our hips from side to side while the music provides a electric groove that compliments the swing of our asses bumping into eachother. Praise this work until the real miracle happens in our ears with vocals that are coming from lobotomized praises of the jolly kind.

After Jesus visiting Florida it’s good to listen to something catchy.. But we can also just listen to a track named ‘Worldwide Lobotomy’ instead. It’s the last track of the album and I’m glad it is there so the album title is seemingly justified. The work indeed has a great relationship with lobotomy, as when you play it at loud volumes it might actually give you that feeling of someone doing some hokey pokey in the brain, sticking something in your third eye section and then hovering it up with that tool the local dentist uses to get rid of your saliva. The sound of a practical surgery and a great ending for a very varied album in which dance and more experimental pieces are combined to form pure miracles after miracles… Hear and download the album by ‘Midget Sings’ over here:

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