Nadrient – Mall Hangar Home

Artist: Nadrient
title: Mall Hangar Home
keywords: ambient, electronic, neo-classical, soundtrack, synthwave, Costa Mesa
reviewer: Willem van O.

A passage behind the bookcase? Is this the road to Narnia or to Anne Frank’s place? Neither of these suggestions are right as it is just a track title. A track title for a release by Nadrient which covers an acoustic apocalypse of guitar mumblings. It comes across to me as if you open a closet and a collection of guitars fall out including the hands of Nadrient playing them all. As imaginable this can’t go on forever and that’s why it moves on to go for much more easy going sectors in the music business.

Nadrient successfully vaporized its own acoustic mess and molds it to a pleasant ambient. This is the backdrop for reading books, pretending to study and even just sitting around while watching the ceiling. A moment of rest without the usual pressure might be at odds with the mess of fallen guitars from the cupboard, but it sure as hell works out fine.

Nadrient seem to think up music for all kind of occasions and purposes. His track named ‘Mall Closing Time’ would not be out of place played at a mall as a soundtrack to hint to the visitors that it’s time to wrap it up and go out of this place. Of course some people might actually stick around to hear this music, but the best result for listening would be as if you are a mall yourself without visitors walking around in your body and the outside door safely locked so you can enjoy the ultimate private music ambient session.

The next track ‘memory tree’ doesn’t require you to be a tree or pretending to be one. This track is my favorite on this little release and I can guarantee you that I’m not a tree and neither pretending to be one. The music has a lovely warmth to it, it’s a bit like listening to fairy dust in a state of being at peace and content. Sweet sounds, ambient atmospheres, some seismology fax machines and the main pleasant melody of nostalgia that is quite adorable and sweet.

These two words ‘adorable’ and ‘sweet’ can be applied to ‘making my purpose clear (what I saw in the EZ bake oven)’ which is a very warm and calming track that makes me feel like listening to a summers day but not sitting in the hot sun but more in the fine shelter of some shadow. A ticking sound seems to function as the pulse to keep the music together, but might as well be the sound of a time bomb that will explode after the fine ambient listening session is over. But don’t worry help is being signaled and the ending is smooth without any problems or explosions.

Leaving for ‘station 12’ is the uplifting science fictional kind of ambient work that aliens can enjoy, but also humans, sentimental trees and so well open as closed malls. It’s a like-able work that gives the feeling of flying. It isn’t a very long flight so even ears of lesser adventurous listeners could join in for a little sniff of gravity avoiding.

The release comes with a downloadable booklet with pictures to look at and also features a 31 minute bonus track named ‘floating over LA’ which makes sure you’ll go with the flow and have a nice scenery to float over. You can download and listen this all for free or for a price of your own choice at the following link:

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