Circle of Shit – Death to Nu Metalcore!

artist: Circle of Shit
title: Death to Nu Metalcore!
keywords: alternative, black metal, experimental, harsh noise, noise, industrial, Finland
reviewer: Simon Hit

The time has come to save the world from a well known evil: Nu-metal
Nu-metal has been tormenting the earth long enough that we simply can’t take it any more.. Who are we going to call? The A-team, the ghostbusters or termite terminators?
None of the above as our distress call has already been made and there.. Look up in the sky.. There it comes.. Our savior…

Is it a square? Is it a triangle? Is it.. No, this can’t be! It’s the one and only Circle of Shit! Just as ordered and hoped the circle of shit is the only super hero ready for the job to get rid of nu-metal once and for all.
What a blessing and what a sight!

The ‘Circle of Shit’ fills up the sky leaving a trail of thin diarrhea behind. Oh my, the diarrhea trail are letters that form a word… Wow, amazing the super hero just wrote ‘Torment and kill’ in the sky made with thin shit.. The message cannot be more clear, if the nu-metal makers and fans would look up in the sky they would certainly be on high alert; this is for you ‘Nu-Metal’,might the words of diarrhea bring you fear and change of music.. No one listens to Nu-metal anymore, and if so; this view of diarrhea made by The Circle of Shit wants you to stop.

Can you hear the angels sing? No? That’s right, they aren’t angels.. It’s the Circle of Shit spreading the words and sounds of noised up violence through the sky to underline the message. Where is our super hero going? He leaves the sky for a undisclosed location to hopefully find a way to get rid of the terrible thing that is Nu-Metal..

Ah a fax is coming through.. It got the royal seal of legitimacy printed on it. It’s a official document written by King Alcohol, the one who rules the entire alcohol business. The statement goes that the long standing friendship with super hero Circle of Shit has to prevail and in order to do so, all Nu-Metal has to be banned, erased from the mind, music collections and history books. If not being complied to this order; the tap will be closed and the world will have no longer the joy of Alcohol. All Alcohol production will be stopped which means all alcohol products will not be made if the Nu-Metal will still continue to exist.

From everywhere around the world we can hear Nu-metal itself cry, it cries out loud like a broken genre quickly unloved by its original creators and fan base. Guitars are getting stressed out, bleepy and ears might bleed instantly. This is the sound of Nu-metal dying…

I guess even true addicts and pushers of Nu-metal are all a fan of alcohol or alcohol based products, so with a little bit of good intentions off all Nu-metal fans the problem of Nu-metal can finally be removed from earth, so the alcohol can continue to flow in a lavish way.

Thank you ‘Circle of Shit’ for bringing your high connections in the picture and delivering us from this evil form of shit music. We owe you lots; now let’s gets drunk!

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