artist: Electrosexual
format: LP Picture disc / digital
keywords: electronic, techno, amylnitrate, electro, electronic music, electropop, electrosexual, new wave, pop, retrowave, synthpop, synthwave, technopop, Berlin

Because of hearing the excellent sexy electronic hit singles of the latest Electrosexual album, it is a logical progression to spend some good time discussing the complete release. So with this in mind; hello and welcome at another in-depth review of dodgy origin.

The album is called ‘Art Support Machine’ which is nice as it sounds a bit like a machine we at ‘Yeah I Know It Sucks’ could use: Supporting the arts with a machine listening and writing all the music reviews (and all round flow of regular bullshit) automatically, it sounds almost to perfect to be true.

But unfortunately we still write with the point of a feather and a drop of ink and use the human ear for the usage of listening to the things that we should write some kind of opinion or report about. I don’t think the board of investors can afford a ‘art support machine’ but maybe with enough thanks and praises the factory might sponsor us as crash test dummies for testing the thing out for free…

^ the limited editionLP picture disc

But let’s stop the dreams of sweetness and hear the realism of the Electrosexual album and find out more about this version of the ‘art support machine’. The album starts with the startup, meeting up the soul of the machine introduced by rattling clockworks, waking up alarms and slowly but surely getting the machine on at full speed. Good-morning, rise and shine ‘art support machine’ there is work to do and to deliver..

The electronic music start to show off its inner-core, the wobbling wobbles and indulges in a technological approved rhythm. This is the soul of the machine being awake as if it just drank a nice cup of morning caffeine and than a line of a potential vibe of alternative rock music. Yes! This isn’t the average soul of the machine awakening and revealing itself; it has a alternative vibe with experimental snippets, some robotic funk and even a liquified voice to let you know the album is up and ready to perform.

After the full setup has been oiled up and ready for more action, the hit single named ‘Templehof’ pops in. A good placement as it will electrify the fans with instant recognition of hearing the favorite tune of vibrato synth bliss. Want to read more about this tune? Check out the words written over ‘here‘…

Now the ‘Art Support Machine’ really takes off as it simply goes to its core with bringing the music and life motto of ‘Art Support Machine’. It is done on top of a nice sweeping electro broom stick with a fine groove that pumps the party up into outer border arty fattiness. The baseline is the pusher and the voice is the functional art dealer that gets the bodies moving and grooving while the supportive claps underscore the message. This is a theme tune and with its sick use of synthesizer it simply rocks the electronic way.

More sides of the ‘Art Support Machine’ soul is being presented in the well oiled part named ‘Silver Soul’. It has the structure of something that flirts heavenly with the electropop from the eighties, but with a much cleaner and flashier sound and vibe. The voice is doing a job well done, with not only giving it the nice juice and sexiness, but also with the nice expression of the wordless ‘oooh’ at the end. It gives the track a uplifting feeling which is something you will need when going for a dive in the masterful tune that is ‘Fetish (ASFR)’

This Fetish (ASFR), man.. I could praise it forever and ever, but in fact I’m too busy dancing on it forever. It’s the acid, the music acid form that everyone loves. And if you don’t .. well haters gonna hate.. But ‘Fetish’ .. This is the ultimate fetish progression for lovers of acid music. The pounding beat, the stimulating acid wobs, the high hats, the movement of ultimate dance music simply grabs you by the genitals and move the bodies of listeners around like a bunch of swinging , highly turned on horny acid lovers.

After the acid fetish it’s basically time to unleash a unstoppable feeling of euphoria. The tune ‘I’m Your Machine (feat. Hard Ton)’ is a perfect fresh appetizer with cool brewing bubbling baselines, full on house vocals and the original good flow that could be relatable to sparkling bubbles in a glass of champagne.

^ another picture of the limited edition LP Picture Disc

The music keeps active with a perfect baseline and groove as the main stimulants in a spaced out electropop track named ‘The way they make you feel’. It has perhaps the most minimal approach compared to the other heard tunes, but this makes totally up in effectiveness. The voice in this tune is like a ghostly rusty warmth that doesn’t need oil or other liquids, as it is just perfect the way it is.

The all time favorite and perhaps most catchy track on this album ‘Automatic People (feat Hanin Elias) is growing more on my ears, making it even more memorable than it already was before. The melody, the tempo, the trance like vibrato synthesizers support the warm but haunting voice of Hanin like a velvet chair hovering above the sound waves. Still delicious! If you are nuts and want to read more about it, you can do so by clicking on the word ‘Click‘.

It might be difficult to have a track to follow after such a tune, but Electrosexual’s Androgynoid has the perfect sound of being different not to interfere with peppiness. It has a vibe of something classic, something very retro. Disco electro music in which members of Abba could show off their beards and boots while swinging their hips.

After all the negative attention that Crystal is getting because of Meth, its good to know that Electrosexual gives it a positive turn with the mysterious sounding ‘Crystal Flesh. It is the track that could fit a science fiction movie and is sounding very full without going for a dancebeat. Instead it makes me feel as if it’s a respectful wink to the synthesizer craftsmanship and personality of Giorgio Moroder.

The next track is ‘Lay my eye’ which for some strange reason made me think of sweeter version of Gary Numan singing a sentimental track on top of a steady, relatively deep pounding puddle of kicks and atmospheric synthesizer lines.

Much more uplifting and up the alley of joy is ‘Out of Place (feat Abberline)’ which sounds very fat, old school in the Depeche Mode lovers corner with a sniff of Soft Cell and a whole bucket full of positivity and colorful Popsicles. When I heard this, it felt a bit like falling in love as the ears are simple being approached by butterflies that picks up both sides for a nice flight outside in the view of the sun.

A joyful tour of positivity that goes forward in the last track on this album named ‘The Dream of the Machine’ which is like the best happy flight music to float between clouds, blue skies, land scapes, city views, night and day life with a good feeling and flow over it.
A lovely end for a album that in general would please the electronic synthesizer lover a great deal, going from poppy tunes, to acid, to just simply uplifting happiness.
Proof that this ‘art support machine’ has a soul is definitely included.
Time to show this piece of art some support by dropping a link over here (check it out if you like):

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