HumanHate666 / GOOZE – Two Ways of Pain

artists: HumanHate666 / GOOZE
title: Two Ways of Pain
cat: 577
keywords: chaos, death, metal, doom, experimental, grind core, industrial, insanity, noise, jazz, Germany
label: Shitnoise
reviewer: Simon Hit

A split between the German Humanhate666 & Canadian GOOZE is probably not the music you would want to play in a elderly home at a very loud volume. But who knows it might actually have very positive results. The sound of these two noise artists might be loud enough to make sure their work would be easily heard by old ears that are close to the borders of deafness. But if those borders aren’t in close range; it might perhaps inflict some hearing damage.. It’s a risk, really..

I have been listening to ‘Qual‘ by HumanHate666 and I can assure you that it indeed is loud, very loud even. But it is also quite insane, as far as we could judge such a thing.. It’s a work of noise that captures a whirlwind of panicky psychosis in which slot and arcade machines, hiccuping old farts, a peeping mouse, and a full carnival of mental health patients are tumbling around in search for a party. Most prominent is that there is this voice trapped that seems to ask for several times ‘Why?’, which is probably one of those life questions that bounces through the sound together with a meowing cat and a intruding vacuum cleaner. Which makes it rather unlikely any higher being will give an answer, but perhaps one of the oldies at that elderly home might have something to say if they could hear the repeated question through the noise?

Slow Suffocation is another work of art by HumanHate666 to be heard and it’s probably even louder, or at least sound less funny. A deep brawl goes through a full stream of bombastic noise and when the higher tone joins in it feels a bit as if the instrument used for this work is a Hoover used to clean industrial locations. A clean mean machine that is designed for heavy duty and now used as a tool for music by HumanHate666.

The last track [CANCLE] is done by GOOZE, a noise artist that surprised me before with its skills. And here GOOZE is back again with a full ordeal of anti-music-music that at one hand is as crazy as it can get, and at the other hand might drive you insane enough so it all becomes normal yet again.

But whatever you are into, there is no doubt that we are dealing here with hectic but steady rhythmic noise with a exciting flow over it. There is also the great use of samples that you won’t suspected to hear. The mating calls between elephants for example, is something that came in as a surprise. But in general the work has a nice buildup, from clean computer sounds on crack, a pleasant voice guiding the flow, to deep boiling harsh noise with a warm touch swimming under neath it.

At times the computer beeps sound strangely jazzy, but it’s the more ambient pasta at the bottom that makes this work into the more relaxing nervous breakdown inducing kind of music captured on record.
All in all not sure if it’s beneficial music to be unleashed at a elderly home, but it might just spice the old people up and make the granny’s and granddads all feel young again.
“What ya saying?”
Download the split over here if you want:

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1 Response to HumanHate666 / GOOZE – Two Ways of Pain

  1. Caffeinate says:

    I am not usually a fan of noise…but I thought this split was abso-fuckin-lutely spectacular

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