Long-Sam – Shout

coverArtist: Long-Sam
title: Shout
cat: STKZ028
format: Cassette tape / digital
keywords: experimental, Finland, abstract, electronic, free, Helsinki, jaakko, eino, kaleivi, long sam, noise, pop, electro, soundscape, melodic
label: Steak Au Zoo http://www.steakauzoo.com/

Long-Sam’s shout tape is one that I keep close to my ears. It’s the kind of album that I’ve been listening tons since its discovery and yet is the most difficult to talk about.

If talking is difficult, why not write about it? Well it is unfortunately just as difficult. It’s one of those albums that are just so perfect that you just want to grab people by their throats and drag their ears close to the speakers and just play the music and let the lovely sounds speak for themselves.

If I could just steal one minute of a readers time and direct some ears to the first (and personal favorite) track on this album, you would probably know what I’m talking (or attempt to write) about. It’s starts with some little flups and woops as an introduction, but when the track really begins it begins so well that you don’t want it to stop.

It’s electronic music with a slight experimental twist perhaps in sound, but in general the track named ‘A distant Breakthrough’ is the most approachable and understandable in this collection.
So it is advisable material to start with, and when you do; you’ll love it so much that you as well will be lost for words to describe to your friends and enemies how great this piece of music is. I simply can’t tell or write you anything more or less about it. It is perfect, very friendly and… well you really should just hear it for yourself…

You will be surprised how well this track will suck you into this album like a magical portal into the depths of creative electronica. It’s probably part of the strategic plan of the artist; first giving you something with a song structure that everyone would like and then secretly replacing it with some more experimental happenings in sound.

^ Long-Sam, the strategic artist

^ Long-Sam, the strategic artist

‘The Generals Stood On’ is the name that appears and it’s an exciting piece of running engines and laser pistols all made out of synthesizers. It rattles nicely like it’s on the run, while soft ambient tones pop up and disappear softly in the background. Half way a moment of recognizable music comes in, it’s the touch of a guitar and a manipulated male voice that forms a lonely choir through the experimental soundscape. This is a very interesting piece that will guide the ears straight over ‘the runway’.

In this case ‘The Runway’ isn’t a place of tall and skinny models, but a track that would be actually quite complimentary if it was matched up with a beauty, or multiple beauties. Male, female, animals, ducks.. As long as it’s beautiful this track would do it justice. It’s one of those tracks I can’t get the right words for, but it’s a bit like listening to a male choir with one member trying to sing but they taped his unfortunate mouth on a lovely sound basin of cute music.

From here the artist sneakily sneaks in the next track named ‘Looking at’ which comes across as listening to an electronic little breeze of the wind that blows softly through the leaves of non-existing trees. Soft piano-ish tones are being played while an electronic crew of sound pretend to be a singing wasp and a rhythmical frog. The track leaves the creatures in a blast to induce a moment that might as well be called the music of ‘a highlight’. Very movie-esque feeling that is being brought out here; a bit like a Ben Hurr theme but than with a huge dose of experimentalism.

‘The merciless unveiling of your shape’ is the next piece which is the most relaxed and yet quietest one of them all. Its soft hiss at first sight, but underneath and in between there is lots of other stuff going on. There is no hectic mess to be found, but the opposite. It’s A nice moment for a little dream or a very petite nap. But do wake up when a kick comes in as it will guide us into the last track which is another favorite track on the release. It has the baseline that you might call ‘super smooth’ very ‘electro’, but it is the synthesizer choice that provides the melody on top that makes this tune into a tune. The track works its way up slowly but when it reaches its peak; it’s one big bliss of happiness and good endings!

A beautiful album, difficult to describe, but really worth to put in your ears..
Which you could do (and order the tape!) at the following link:

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