Fresh Water Girls / Herukrat

Artist: Fresh Water Girls / Herukrat
keywords: experimental, noise, harsh noise, Canada
label: Girl Tapes
reviewer: Simon Hit

The deep sound of the Terracotta Lake Floor can easily be traced back to the Fresh Water Girls. I had never heard of them, but now that they appeared loudly in my ear, I can’t say that my ears will allow me to be able to hear them again.
The track they provide is interesting though, it’s what the people in the corner call ‘adventurous noise’. It’s noise but not engaging in a frontal attack, more giving us very little small doses of pressure buzzing on the ears.

The deep Terracotta Lake Floor can be heard buzzing, but the rather crunchy higher noise escapades are more gradual. When they do parade in to the ears they sound a bit like glitter glass and fuzz created by stuff that is been collected and thrown around. Or that’s what my ears are guessing as I’ve never met the Fresh Water Girls or never been at the Terracotta Lake Floor to hear how they both would sound separately.

The track is 10 minute long and after the parade of shattering glass it breaks down one more time for some suability before engaging for the last time in glass noise of noise toys. I can’t say I’d listen to it again, or would pick up a tourist map and find the Terracotta Lake Floor for some sight and ear see-ing..

Because we are dealing here with a split, it is clear that after the Fresh Water Girls it’s time to hear something coming from another artist. This artist is named Herukrat and brings 2 tracks for our so called ‘enjoyment’.

The first one is ‘Jerusalem’, a name I’m familiar with which is somehow a sign of relieve when dealing with artists you don’t know nothing about. But how does the version of ‘Jerusalem’ by Herukrat sound? … I hope I’m still able to hear the things properly after meeting up with the sound of the Fresh Water Girls, but then again.. I must say that ‘Jerusalem is much louder, harder, harsher compared to the work of the split-pall.

I’m sure this track is affecting the hearing system in a way that is a bit like drinking those Smirnoff drinks. There might be only 5 percent alcohol inside and it taste like drinking lemonade; but because of that; it will grab you when you least expect it and turns the happy go lucky drinking session in a drunk baboon blamage choking on your own vomit.
This is a bit how this version of ‘Jerusalem’ comes across..

It’s on one side exciting, a nicer sound, more volume, a lot of gibberish talking that matches the noise.. Quite a nice track until you notice that you will be unable to hear anything else after the track is finished with you. It has these noise frequencies that burn some holes in both the ears and not sure if superglue and a plaster would be enough to fix it.

But like always everything good comes in two, and that’s why Herukrat comes in with another track named ‘Military Occupancy’. I’m not sure if my ears are still able to report to my head what it is, that is being done over here. It is sure that Herukrat pushes the envelope of sound in the loudest way possible so even if there is damage, Herukrat will make sure even the last bit of sound reception in the ear will be able to hear something of a harsh and loud kind.

A bit of a killer, very loud, harsh.. I can’t hear it any more.. the high tones are really painful and unexpected.. I guess if you are sick and tired of hearing music that you don’t like, than a release like this could come in handy as listening to it with the volume up will certainly be enough to make you deaf for a week or so… Maybe even a month.. If you can hear again, than just play this split again and things will be fine; nice and full of silence.
No doctor’s advice is needed, just a mouse and a click on the following link:

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