BCBG – Noces d’Argent 7″

Artist: BCBG
Title: Noces d’Argent 7″
Format: 7″ vinyl / digital
Keywords: experimental, techno, dance, chanson, Paris
reviewer: Willem van O.

French duo BCBG consisting of Mariette Auvray (Pussy Patrol, Eyes Behind, Water Sark) and Samuel Trifot (Kikiilimikilii, Feu Machin, Dorcelsiushe) were formed in Brazil at a residency program in 2012 between two friends having met and played shows in separate bands in and around the Paris underground/experimental scene.

If you want to know more about this duo, than you can continue reading up on them over at the magical link at the bottom of this post. I just felt it was important information that the 7″ EP named ‘Noces d’Argent 7″ is made by a seasoned French duo that had their fair share of night life clubbing mixed with more rural visits for  inspiration, which kind of explains the diversity in tracks available on this EP.

The first track ‘Jaune De Napels’ introduces the lovely French voice of the songstress to our ears while at the same time bringing the electronic music that is quite different. At one moment it sounds like it’s a full on space synth bubble that is nicely orchestrated and tight, but at the other hand it comes across at times as freewheeling in a bath of slight wonkiness. It meets somewhere in the middle which gives the track an experimental feeling that keeps a certain freedom in mind.

A freedom feeling that also comes back in the second track named Désert Narquois. It is here that it becomes apparent that the slight wonkiness at first glance might be because this is the music that is probably done and created in the analogue way. This track is more tight but lose enough to get a psychedelic touch for upwards moving; a bit as if we are fakirs ready to fly while doing a rope trick.

The ‘astral cities’ is like a spiritual synthesizer pop happening which makes me think of Enya if she was underground and cool enough to go for something else than ‘sailing away’..

The last track features hyper snares, edgy deep electrifying synth bass, prevailing claps and a male voice. It’s a cover of the earlier heard track Jaune De Naples’ but now covered by an artist named ‘Yugo Solo’. Because of lacking knowledge of Yugo Solo, I will just write you that the track is rather speedy in a way that it could make you move when heard at a special moment in time. This moment was not available here yet, but I ordered it and hope it will arrive in the next hour or so.

In the meantime while waiting for my order to arrive, I’ll give you the precious link that you could click to hear (and even order) the release with your own ears. (Mind you, you might need hands if you want to order it.. Ears only’ would be a difficult task, although not impossible.. but.. oh well..
Look here it is:


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