Maltez – A Korg Monotribe, Monotron Delay and Micro Cube Experience

Artist: Maltez
Title: A Korg Monotribe, Monotron Delay and Micro Cube Experience
Keywords: experimental, performance, live performance, video, music video, Monotribe, Monotron, micro cube, experience

Maltez, better know as ‘Nuno Maltez’ had let us know about a brand new music video featuring him performing on a Korg Monotribe, Monotron Delay & Micro Cube. The video is filmed by the amazingly skilled movie director ‘Ana Baptista’ and one of them has titled the video; Monotribe, Monotron Delay & Micro Cube Experience’ which is a title that is very clear and thoughtful. A bit long for a movie title, but as the spectacular music video has been released on the video sharing website YouPoop; it is a perfect one.

The amazing shots in the video clip and all the special effects really makes the video something extra ordinary. We have insight knowledge that even a stunt double for the performing artist has been used, which just add even an extra layer of amazement to the audio visual ‘experience’.

The video is shot in a colorful black and white and thanks to the hard work of the technical engineers it looks like Maltez sits in the open air with a clear sky on a pretty day in Aljustrel, Alentejo, Portugal. Of course this is all done in front of a green screen, but admittedly the technic looks visually so stunning that we almost can’t see the difference from computer graphic and reality.

The best thing in the music video is of course the music itself. Its Maltez himself making his own video soundtrack seemingly live on the spot. You can hear the cosmic sounds while Maltez is making them with sweet care and honest dedication. It’s an apparent sonic communication with the cosmos and you just expect any moment that a UFO will appear in the background.

The tensions are high, the visuals stunning, the music overwhelming..
A must see, best viewed on a home cinema, but any other product that can play this video would do fine too. No 3D glasses are needed, just don’t forget to put up the sound and have some popcorn at hand. Here is Maltez and his spectacular ‘A Korg Monotribe, Monotron Delay and Micro Cube Experience’ :

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