Dizzonanz Domestic – Daily Frustrations

Artist: Dizzonanz Domestic
title: Daily Frustrations
cat: 20k308
keywords: lobit, noise, noise, ambient noise
label: 20kbps http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/
reviewer: Leo Obit

The frustrations of the day are also known as ‘daily frustrations’. There are a lot and they occur in everyone’s daily lives and are probably all of different kind. My personal frustration at this time of writing is a neighbor singing on top of horrible pop music, it’s like listening to someone strangling a cat while a certain Madonna tries to sing underneath it. Very frustrating, but luckily a classic track of ambient noise is an alright asset to fight the annoyance of the dying cat trying to be a pop star.

It’s only just a little bit too short with its seven minutes in length. This means that it needs to be played on repeat to function as a filter for those ‘daily frustrations’ like these. But don’t think the track is very loud or a very spectacular piece of noise ambient, it’s a track that is not there to disturb or set the walls to tremble, but just is what it is; a large relaxer that could function as a wall for annoying happenings around you.

Someone talking too loud on a phone? A boss ordering around? The strangling cat singer, a mother in law gossiping your ears off? Traffic outside, old farts farting in your face? Basically all kinds of daily frustrations that have their roots in sound can be quite effectively filtered with this track by Dizzonanz Domestic. It’s nothing spectacular or mind blowing but just a good sucker sucking up those ‘Daily Frustrations’ for at least 7 minutes.. Or longer (depending on your relation with the repeat option..) . Beat those ‘Daily Frustrations’ with ‘Daily Frustrations’, availble for download at the link below:


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