irrlicht project – OPUlent Strangers

Artist: irrlicht project
title: OPUlent Strangers
cat: mbr193
keywords: chiptune, chip-punk, chip-melodies, chiprave, chip-ska, chiptunes, lobit, opus, opus format
label: Microbit Records

Because of a drastic need for a celebration with party music, it is about time to tell you about a classic uplifting special release by Lobit Chip bit hero ‘Irrlicht Project’. The name is OPUlent Strangers and the content is absolute brilliance in all its shapes and forms. To top it off and to place it above on your list with downloadable ‘must-haves’ ; it’s absolutely free! That’s right, quality music for the price of no money! You must think at times how lobit chip bit heroes like ‘Irrlicht Project’ survive when making so much excellent music available for free, the thing is ‘irrlicht project’ eats your happiness which you provide by downloading and listening to his music. But if you really want to give our lobit hero a shout out as support so the chip hero can eat and drink something else than your love, you might want to buy the excellent handmade album that you can check out and read about over here.

But let’s get back to OPUlent Strangers, as this is a nifty little release that would make you happy enough that ‘Irrlicht Project’ can eat at least one month of your happiness. It contains four tracks in the opus format. It might be a pain in the ass to find a player for this format, but I can assure you that if you throw them in the ‘firefox’ browser they would be playable too. Gives it that extra edge of joy, right?

The first track is ‘lastexit’ which has all the brilliant flavor of a chiptune from a classic game, with a fine friendly happy punk attitude. It made me think of a game on the Atari ST with some flying saucer.. I remember the title ‘Xenox’ but I can’t be hundred percent sure, but if you know the game; you’ll know the game and will probably agree that ‘lastexit’ by Irrlicht Project would be a great fit for that game. Very epic, makes you want to put in the coin and start shooting some space ships to shits. The finish is a nice and graceful ending, which makes me want to take off my pixel hat and do a bow from appreciation. Classic greatness is what this is all about!

For the chip-funk, irrlicht project brings a fantastic chip-ska track named ‘regdeath’. It really feels like ska but played by happy chips, crisper melodies that transport me again to the gaming pixel world. Now I feel like doing a so called beach game, with a pixel sport car driving over the beach picking up hot partners (can be from the opposite sex, can be from the same, or another variation; whatever rows your boat.. uh sportscar..), but with this music playing on the background picking up the trophies will be no problem at all! Chip-ska for the pixel sportscar on the beach makes every listener into a winner!

The track ‘sunbots’ starts like a rave-cult-chip-classic and from there it really expands in a happy tickling mad happy tune that makes you grow a tomahawk from pixels and you wish for a bag of pixels crisps to munch on! What a happy little f*cker is this; the melody gives you the twisted smiles of happiness, your ears will be glowing red from satisfaction. Welcome in chiptune heaven!

The last track is ‘breeze’ which is the most grand of its brothers and sisters, it has this bad-ass vibe that makes you fly on the flow of chiptune sweeps that go for a melodic theme that kicks ass in a memorable way. Does that mean you can’t sit afterwards? Na, it means probably that you just want to dance, raise your hands up in the air and inhale the chip of awesomeness!
download these excellent (did I already mentioned that they are FREE?) tunes over at the following link:

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1 Response to irrlicht project – OPUlent Strangers

  1. Linda says:

    Beautiful review of a beautiful release! I agree on the Xenox game, very sharply spotted. However, my happiness isn’t eaten but miraculously doubled. It must be the review doing the miracle ❤

    FYI: finding a player isn't difficult: it is supported in VLC. Using ff is a good tip tho!

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